Meet…Nathan James!

This write-up/biography deserves to be on this blog because I want all my readers to know who this man is (if they don’t already know).
I consider Nathan James a good friend and brother; one of many “from another mother” whom I’ve met on Facebook and whom I have had the honor, privilege and pleasure of conversing with by phone. (I love talking with my good friends by phone for I simply HATE texting.)  It is my hope to actual meet, shake hands and give a tight bear hug (pun intended) to Nathan … AND to other good friends I’ve met on Facebook – Stephen Maglott-2including no less, to one of my other brothers to whom I give thanks and a “great job” compliment for writing this excellent bio… the incomparable Mr. Stephen Maglott!
Now, here is the bio on Mr. Nathan James, as written by our friend, Stephen.
Nathan JamesNathan James was born on this day, August 22, in 1964. He is an author, journalist, playwright, radio personality, and activist in LGBT causes.

Nathan James was born in New York City, and adopted by Lawrence, who was a police officer and later an owner of a hardware business, and his wife Marie, who was a banker. He has one younger sister, Cara. He graduated from Robert Louis Stevenson High School, and went on to attend John Jay College. Nathan considers himself a largely self-taught individual, building on his formal education. His interest in journalism began at an early age, and he edited his high school newspaper, and wrote extensively for the Lex Review while in college.

Following college, Nathan became interested in emergency medicine, and began working as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for a local volunteer ambulance service. He was the first hearing-impaired individual in New York State to be certified to serve as an EMT. This led to a professional career of two decades at hospitals all over New York City, and Nathan eventually became a supervisor and instructor.

After finishing his work in Emergency Services, Nathan turned his focus towards his lifelong passion, writing. He discovered the joy of writing in the LGBT fiction genre, and his first full novel, The Devil’s Details, was published Books by Nathan Jamesin 2006, and although controversial, was recognized the following year with a PRIDE Award. Two more books, In His Court and the critically acclaimed Check Ride followed soon after, and Nathan’s work has been featured in numerous gay anthologies, including Lee Hayes’ popular Flesh To Flesh and Eric Summers’ Love In A Lock Up.

Through it all, Nathan’s journalistic work continued. He was a regular contributor to LGBT websites such as Kuttin’ Edge, SGL Café, The Future Forward, and The Rainbow Collective, among many others, helping to tell the stories of the gay and lesbian community. Nathan continues this labor of love today, as Executive Editor of GBM News, a multimedia resource for and about the LGBT Nathan w_DJ Baker (host, Da Doo Dirty Show), Swanny River in backcommunity, with a monthly newspaper and website, and writing for IKONS Magazine and DBQ. Nathan also contributes to Out In Jersey, Legends Of Fashion, and other periodicals. Close to Nathan’s heart is Da Doo-Dirty Show, where he was a correspondent for six years, with his friend DJ Baker, the show’s host.

“Writing is the way I speak to the world,” Nathan James says. “I write every single day. It is my deep, abiding passion.” His work extends to the stage and television, with off-Broadway productions of Cybersex and Juan And Emmett, which Nathan helped produce. Nathan’s musical, All For Love will soon be in workshop as well. He’s written skits for the Lovin’ Leyna variety TV show, and is currently engaged in two major reality series projects. Nathan is a frequent contributor, along with Delvon Johnson, and host John Campanario, on WWRL 1600 AM’s Out and About talk show, part of the station’s Equality Pride Radio lineup. He’s also performed spoken-word poetry at the popular Living Room Sessions at various venues across NYC, and recurrently at Speak Your Myne at Harlem’s iconic nightclub, Billie’s Black.

Nathan JamesNathan with Delvon Johnson at WWRL has served on the Boards of the Campaign To End AIDS, NYC Black Pride, and at the NYC Council Speaker’s LGBT Steering Committee, a campaign group. He’s organized and spoken at protest marches against gay-bashing, and against the Iraq War during the Bush administration, as part of the Rock The Rulers concert. He’s been involved in National Equality Day marches in Washington DC, NYC Pride StageFest in 2013, the Waiting All My Life Marriage Equality Concert, and has organized protest marches against gay bashing, and for marriage equality, throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Nathan does not currently have a partner in his life but is hopeful this will one day change in a positive and loving way. He enjoys his work as a journalist and community-builder, and is grateful for his many close friends, and the humor, insight and love they bring to his life.

Nathan James at anti-war rallyNathan James is an outspoken advocate on HIV/AIDS issues, both on the air and in print, Although he is HIV-negative, Nathan has seen too many of those he cares about suffer with this illness, and remains committed to the cause of ending this modern-day plague. Nathan is inspired by the great courage and strength displayed by those he sees living with HIV and AIDS every day.

Nathan struggled with his sexual orientation for most of his life. He discovered his attraction to other men in his early teens, but understood that it was something to be kept to himself. After several attempts to come out of the closet, Nathan elected to stay in the closet, for the sake of social acceptability and his professional life in Emergency Medical Services. Self-esteem issues complicated the picture for many years. Of course, Nathan’s true self broke down the closet door, and coincided with a major series of life changes, ultimately leading him down the creative path he still follows today.

Nathan JamesNathan James being humble at NYC'S Plaza Hotel hopes to continue creating works that uplift, educate, and encourage everyone, gay or straight. He is working towards the successful completion of his ongoing projects, the further growth of GBM News, and the culmination of his work into something lasting and beneficial for the LGBT and larger world.

Today we join Nathan James in celebration of his 49th birthday and in appreciation for his considerable contributions to our community.
Thank you for this EXCELLENT biography, Stephen!  It is with great pride and honor that I post this biography about our dear friend Nathan on this blog!

Keepin’ It…..REAL!
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5 thoughts on “Meet…Nathan James!

  1. An inspiring work and thank you for sharing this, my naked brother. Mr. James has truly been a trailblazer in equality on many fronts and you have given him the recognition he so richly deserves. He is very well-known in Deaf Culture even though he opts to be a major force for change in both the hearing and deaf (intentional lower case here) worlds. Best wishes to him on his birthday and again, my gratitude to you for this journalistic presentation!

    BTW: my brother, I hope that you are feeling better! Sorry to force you to text. All the more reason for me to appreciate you even more than I already do! Take care and stay bare! Much love!

  2. Truly exceptional and inspiring. Wishing him a wonderful Bornday and continued success in his endeavors.

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