A Man’s Life (Part 1)

Clean upSometimes, we men can get so busy we forget or neglect to take care of those personal needs that help to keep us on point, sharp and aware. I’m talking about taking care of sexual tension. If a man allows himself to go days or weeks on end without releasing some of his sexual tension, then he – like women who display certain psychological behaviors every 28 days, can display some adverse psychological behavior, too! Men were not designed to retain sexual tension for long or extended periods of time. Something has to give at some point! If you are a healthy man, then having a regular release of sexual tension can only help you!

The first few days of the week, I’m normally doing some station business from home. However, Thursdays and Fridays are my busiest days for I spend a great deal of time with some sort of audio production or affidavit work – either at the radio station or from home. Fridays are worse for me because I’m finishing up production duties from the previous day and doing preps for my Saturday radio show, Saturday Afternoon at the Oldies w/The RobFather (SAO).  I normally work a seven to eight (and sometimes ten) hour on-air shift at two stations; one on Saturday and one on Sunday (stations are in the same building) – unless I’m called to stand in for someone earlier in the week.

I’m concerned about those last four days of the week.  It is usually during those days when I don’t have time to take care of some, uh…intimate personal needs other than my daily S-3 (aka shit, shower, shave). That’s why Sunday evenings and/or for sure Mondays, which are my days off, I am so damn horny (more than normal)!  If I don’t go out Saturday night and pull some sexual action then I’m “hurting” come Sunday evening! If I don’t “take care of business” – as in, get some sexual release by Sunday evening then come Monday, I’ll wake up with my cock hard as stone!  I’m much too old for wet dreams (nocturnal emissions) although I have heard that some men my age still have them.  I’ll have to look more into the validity of that information.

Anyway, now you know why Mandatory Masturbation Monday – or 3M is always on the agenda at my spot.  I should note that Monday is NOT the only day I choose to masturbate. I may masturbate on other days of the week – and as time allows, but I think having a rule to always masturbate at the first day of the work week, just might ease up any stress a person may have about the rest of the week.

No matter where you are and regardless whether you have a partner to give you sex, I invite you to join me each Monday morning, afternoon, or in the evening in performing this very healthy and natural release of sexual tension.  Your body – and mind (and maybe your partner, kids and co-workers) will thank you!

The blog series A Man’s Life continues here.

Keepin’ It…REAL!
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13 thoughts on “A Man’s Life (Part 1)

  1. I like that you refer to masturbation as “self care.” For me, that’s exactly what it is, whether I’m in a committed relationship or not. I find that some “me” time keeps me focused, releases tension, and allows me to sleep better and even have more energy. I really do believe that masturbation and regular ejaculation should be a part of every man’s health regimen. I, too, am well past the age of wet dreams, so releasing my own sexual tension is not only necessary, but pleasurable. Great article and I appreciate your attitude about the subject.

  2. Although I’m in a with a very significant other, masturbation is still a part of my sexual routine. Mostly together but oftimes solo. I love my partner with every fiber of my being but there are times I do fantasize of some other hot, heavy, steamy creature. This may be a figment of my over active imagination or it may be some very real person with whom actual sex sexual encounters would be impractical. Either way, I find masturbation can be as hot as other forms of sex. That’s my take on the subject matter 🙂

    • Ted, far too many people think that masturbation is a form of cheating if one does it while in a relationship or are married. The fact is, if one enjoyed masturbation and appreciated the pleasure and satisfaction it brought to one’s self BEFORE any LTR (long-term relationship) or marriage, it’s unlikely that most people are not just going to stop doing it because of that relationship – no matter how sexually active that relationship might be! SOLO-masturbation (for there is partner-masturbation, too but that is not what we’re talking about here) is personal “me” time. It is time used to concentrate and get into the sensual and sexual part of YOU and YOUR body.

      There are hundreds of benefits to masturbation, many of which people are just now realizing, considering the high divorce rate, the high number of single people in our society, a fear or concern some people have of going out in the social environment (like pubs and bars) and meeting someone for one-night stand partner-sex and risk catching some STI/STD from that stranger, just to name a few issues. Masturbation, as the first three segments of this blog series A Man’s Life indicates, is healthy and can be beneficial to the person masturbating AND to any sexual partner that later comes along. It also allows one, who is so inclined, to get more in tune with other areas or erogenous zones of his/her body besides just focusing on the genitals. It helps when (or if) that person has partner sex, as he/she can better communicate where and how to touch and/or stimulate those pleasure-giving areas.

      Hopefully, fewer people in a relationships that have masturbation hang-ups will wake up and accept life and sexuality for what it is on an individual level and simply give up minding their partner masturbating. No one in a relationship should ever have to hide or sneak around to do it. A person should be able to casually say to his or her partner, “I’m going in the other room to jack (or jill) off. You can join me if you want.” Then that masturbating person should be able to use any means or media – e.g. pornography, necessary to help get off sexually without being concerned that his/her partner might get upset, jealous and flustered and making senseless drama about it!!

      Feel free to click and read this article related to this subject: Self-love and Viewing Pornography Is Not Cheating
      Thanks for reading!! 😉

      • There are so many facets to human sexuality that it leaves one reeling. As it pertains to relationships the compatibility factors are (or should be) based more on communication, trust and the willingness to accept and explore each others sexuality within their relationship. Even in open relationships a strong foundation of trust, communication and understanding of each others wants, needs and desires is paramount. With a willingness to be open minded on all fronts, not just sexuality, many more relationships can withstand and overcome many external pressures. As RobFather so aptly expresses in his blogs, the ability to keep things real is an indispensable virtue

  3. I also think that it is healthy for us to masturbate, because it will clear up a lot of the sexual disfunction that happens when we don’t take care of business. and you would also communicate better when this is done, instead of being short in some instances.

  4. Amen! AMEN! Excellent advice, my brother, and so very true! Sexual tension is good but, like everything else in life, TOO much of a good thing is anything BUT good! Regular release is natural and normal AND an absolute necessity! BTW: I’ve added 3M to my calendar! Take care and stay bare, my friend! 🙂

  5. I work a summer job that I really don’t care for but a sista has to eat… With that said, I tend to masturbate the day before going to the job…. Or make the call to Mr.Wanttobemyman…but because I have no desire for him as a significant other I don’t call regular… I masturbate…

    • Thanks for reading, Nina! Yeah, while I discuss sort of a “schedule” here, the fact often is, I sometimes jerk off whenever I feel like jerking off or I feel very stressed to the point of frustration or worry. I think by giving some attention to myself, I can take SOME of that stress away – just as discussed in the article! I’ll be writing more on the benefits of masturbation in future days!

      • I appreciate your writing this. I don’t jack off often enough nor do I get man-sex on a regular enough basis. More common jacking off would be beneficial to me. Also, mutual masturbation can be a great stress reliever.

  6. Wow!!! I love how open and honest you are about “self-care”. It wasn’t until very recently that I purposely and very consciously began to take time to appreciate and make love to myself. Being past the age of wet dreams like you, and not as active sexually as I’d like to be I learned that sexual tension must be addressed. Contrary to what church folks won’t talk about, I do advocate for tending to your needs by taking matters into your own hands. As former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders recommended, it is SAFE, HEALTHY, AND NORMAL.
    Daily, I get in the mirror and massage my cock and balls, not masturbating, just appreciating. To an extent it is almost like Kama Sutra because I do become aroused and massage almost to the point of release, but when it comes time for the full experience, I tend to enjoy it more now. Because I have loved and appreciated myself, the building up to orgasm is more intense, more enjoyable and I have a real afterglow period…as wonderful as if I’d made love with a lover.
    Brothers, do not be afraid to love on yourself. Even if you’re married, there is NO SHAME in self-care. You know how to love you better than anyone… You were doing it before your lover or spouse came along… Enjoy yourself…

    • You are well on point and you follow my point, Hartsel! As Jerry Seinfeld would say, “Always be master of your domain! LOL! Thanks for reading and for commenting!

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