First Anniversary: K.I.R. Turns One!

Keepin' It...REAL 1st Year Annversary pic with insetAugust is the anniversary month of this blog, MY blog – Keepin’ It…REAL! (KIR). While there are blog articles written/dated/published a few months earlier in 2012, officially this blog did not launch until the first week of August 2012. HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY, KIR!

I draft many articles for this blog monthly; much of it is just shit that comes to mind. Much of what I write could range from being a short comment (usually reserved for my [continuous] Hardline According to RobFather-X series to some longer, more detailed commentary about a topic in which I am passionate or which I know to be needlessly taboo or controversial in nature, or on topics or issues I feel need exposure and openly talked about on the REAL tip. Many of the topics I write about include my uncensored thinking on religion, the senseless things people in our society do, and on my favorite topics of sexuality and/or sexual hypothetical situations…just to name a few. I simply enjoy “telling it like it is” and sharing my thoughts from my own, free-thinking perspective. I will always be appreciative that I live in a country where I can speak my mind verbally and in print and not be jailed for it!

Corey Jarrell-Williams, bloggerOn this anniversary month, I need to [once again] thank fellow blogger and friend Corey Jarrell-Williams – the man who last year, kinda “pushed” my stubborn ass into blogging. At the time, I had been writing some very lengthy commentary on a variety of issues on the Facebook platform. While some people (like Corey) read my commentary and gave favorable feedback, many others didn’t read them and/or often complained about my postings being “too long” to be read. I always hate it whenever lazy, jackass people say that kind of shit to me… as though there were some Facebook rule governing how long or how short a user’s status or comment has to be in that forum. My writing style philosophy is simple and had always been:
I will use as few or as many words I deem necessary to make or illustrate my point or train of thought. While I reserve the right to be ambiguous in some or all of my writings, any reader of my work can safely assume that normally, I will intend to always be clear and frank in my self-expression.

Early last year, Corey and I had chatted on Facebook about my blogging concerns. In that chat conversation, he said the seven words that continue to resonate in my mind to this day: “RobFather, you should have been blogging yesterday!”  I won’t ever forget those words. Somehow, that statement from Corey meant something to me since they came from a man whom I had never met but had come to respect, and whose blog and Facebook postings I’ve always enjoyed reading. Thanks, Corey!

Man typingI’ve always enjoyed reading the blogs of other people but there was a time where I would find every excuse not to start and write a blog. I was simply afraid that there would be no one remotely interested in what I had to say. Making comments on Facebook was different for at least I knew that a few people on my Facebook friends list would like and appreciate what I’d written – no matter how “long” it was.  I had been thinking that by getting into blogging, I would be opening myself – or rather, my mind, to others on a world-wide scale. I simply wasn’t sure if I was ready for a world of rejection, particularly if I ever learned that less than a thousand or worse, a hundred people, visited my blog by year’s end. You see, for some reason, I had been thinking small when I should have been thinking big.

When KIR launched last August, I still was pessimistic about its success. Then on December 26, 2012, I got a good Christmas present when this blog reached 5000 hits and less than two months later, it reached 10,000 hits! As a new blogger, those were significant numbers for me – a new blogger, for I had never expected this blog to have any real popularity so early, especially without the use of paid promos, sponsors or ads.  My only sad regret in this, the first anniversary of my blog, is that other the occasional visit of my teenage son, no one in my family who uses the internet, and who is on Facebook, and who has been told of my blog, has ever visited KIR or commented on any of the articles in it. So much for family support!! But that’s kool; it’s just as well that my family keep away from KIR for I do not need any judgmental comments or attacks about the things I choose to write about or feature here! Moving on…

Here we are today – one year of blogging. Keepin’ It…Real! is my first and (to date) only blog. KIR is an entity which I still consider to be an experiment in progress, even with its many articles and nearly 25,000 hits. In this year-old experiment, KIR has gain new blog-writing and blog-reading friends, including people like fellow blogger, Roger Poladopoulos – of A Guy Without Boxers blog. But I don’t want to seem selective in naming people for I am grateful to everyone who reads and/or follows this blog! I’m also blessed by fate to see that KIR has gotten this far; it gives me strong motivation to… keep going!  I am appreciative to have the freedom and the mental and physical ability to write about whatever the fuck I want and post whatever the fuck I want – no matter how controversial, shocking or personally revealing the content may be. That’s how strongly I feel about having a blog…and it feels damn good!

Spelling, Grammar, PunctuationI don’t want anyone to misunderstand this blogging thing. As any blogger knows (or is quickly learning) blogging can often be hard work – at least it is for a guy like me. I call blogging “a labor of love”. As a perfectionist and otherwise busy man – one who is always concerned about self-representation to a host of unknown readers in the so-called blogosphere, I make it a point to take extra steps to ensure things such as spelling, grammar and other areas of the English syntax are done properly when I write an article. I proofread each article several times in an attempt to catch writing errors before I publish any article. I’ve learned that the longer the article, the greater the chances of there being one or more writing mistakes in that article. Without a second pair of eyes to proof my work, the smallest writing mistake can usually be dormant and undiscovered until long AFTER an article has been published!  I work hard to alleviate mistakes but still, it fuckstrates me when I find an error!

I’m very much aware that images or pictures and/or video & audio content often gives readers better points of reference  to certain topics of discussion in blog articles since those things are good for helping to illustrate or prove a point. I feel that in most articles, it is best to include some sort of media graphic. Many of the pictures you see on my articles were found on the web while some others are mine. I’d prefer not to use any image or media Graphic file formats-2graphic that is obviously or clearly copyright protected or which has a watermark. However, if I do use such media, the KIR’s copyright disclaimer already clearly covers the fact that most of the images shown are not mine. I feel if an image/picture is found in a search engine’s search result or on another website or blog, it is a free-for-all if I can simply right-click the image and copy it.  Sorry, but I simply do not consider my doing that to be stealing if I am not making any financial profit by using said image or graphic.  I feel the picture was meant to be mine…no matter how selfish that may sound.  Anyway, I’ll sometimes edit or modify certain images to suit my needs for the blog article to be published. I also try to ensure that I select and position an image on the page so that each is in tune or somehow associated with the point of the discussion.

blog keys on keyboardAt this point, let me express my deepest thanks and appreciation to you, my dear readers and fellow blog writers for being a regular visitor, reader and supporter of this blog, Keepin’ It…REAL! I am humbly appreciative of your patience in my infrequent postings here – for as noted and implied earlier, although this is a blog about me and my life, I shall always remain concerned with always giving readers a content of quality and not waste their time with hastily written and messy dialogue. I ask you to continue visiting and continue reading for there is always more to come! Keepin’ It…Real! has no central theme but I have taken steps to build pages on the blog to place in series or serialization, certain topics of concentration.

I also ask that you support the blogs of those who link to and/or support this blog. I’ve listed a few that I regularly follow in my blogroll on the right side of this page. If you like what you read here then chances are you may also enjoy the work of my fellow bloggers, followers and supporters! I most certainly do!  While you’re blog-surfing, please take a visit over to Corey’s award-winning blog, I’ll Keep You Posted. Click the photo on I'll keep you posted (blog banner)the right to visit Corey’s blog!  Corey is a historian, and genealogist.  Corey’s method and style of writing is never lecture-like or boring but interesting, captivating, often amusing and inspiring. I’ve been a follower of his blog for nearly four or five years. I promise that you will come to enjoy Corey’s blog and perhaps learn something new! (Now, if only I knew how to win one of those blogging awards everyone else seems to be winning!)

Thank you again everyone, for your part in helping to bring this experiment, this blog, Keepin’ It…REAL! to this point. To the spirit of this blog…

Keepin’ It…REAL!
©2013 RobFather-X! Productions. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “First Anniversary: K.I.R. Turns One!

  1. Hey, my naked brother and blogging buddy AND friend, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and keep us ALL real for another thousand years! Great job here in just twelve months! Damn, sometimes it seems like I’ve been reading here and our friendship has lasted forever when, in reality, it’s been just a few brief months. I appreciate all your efforts in maintaining this online journal and in, as you so aptly phrased it, “telling it like it is!” With all the stupid that happens in our daily lives, it’s comforting to know that there is a courageous soul out there putting it all into perspective! RobFather, you’ve made a tremendous difference in my life and I’m grateful for every chance to share with you! Congratulations on this milestone! Much love and naked hugs, C2C!

    To your son, you have an astute and exceptional father! Be proud and be strong!

    To your inspiration and mentor, Corey: thanks so much for showing him the way!

  2. WOW!

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary. Time flies by so quickly! You fell right on in there so easily and so much like a true champ that it seems like you’ve been doing it to death since forever.
    Your writing style is so conversational just like having a one on one dialogue. Your passion for what you’re doing reveals the making of a true BLOGGING SUPERSTAR!

    Thanks for the love, RobFather! I really appreciate the support and brotherhood. It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced that in the blogosphere and it truly feels good! “You should have been blogging yesterday” – once upon a time, those same sentiments were expressed to me by Kevin E. Taylor. After daily and massive email marathons, one day he said “YOU BETTER GET YOU A BLOG, BOY!.” His encouragement opened doors to experiences that I had never dreamed possible. The rewards have been and continue to be tremendous and I wish and bestow the same to you!

    Here’s to many more years of K.I.R., my brotha. Keep lettin’ them have it – especially when they don’t want it!


    • Thank you, dear mentor Corey! I appreciate the kind words! This blog would not exist, or have come this far without your encouragement and support! Thank you!!

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