It’s Read NAKED Day!

TODAY (July 5th) is the day! It’s Read NAKED Day! Dare to go BARE with a REAL BOOK! Put away the e-books and find that PAPERBACK novel sitting on the Nude readers (3)shelf of your home library case. You know the one: that John Grisham novel you bought several years ago! You meant to read it  but…well, dammit! LIFE and fascinating TECHNOLOGY happened!  Those darn kool e-book devices like Amazon’s Kindle and those oh-so-kool iPads came along! Meanwhile, that $8.00 paperback just sat pristine and untouched since the day you placed it on the shelf with the many others you bought earlier and had meant to read! (Can you guess I’m talking about myself here?  Ha! ha! Don’t judge! I’m NOT the only one!)

Nude readers (2)As a nudist/naturist, naturally I find this day appealing and interesting! The website in the above picture implies it’s for women but MEN can just as easily pick up a real book and read in the nude, too! (Again, no e-books allowed) So c’mon everybody! Join me and hundreds of others by logging off the computer, turn off  the TV, radio and yes, turn off that damn phone!  Let all phone messages go to voice mail; text messages will queue up. Facebook will still be there the next time you log on. In other words reader, the world will go on without you!

The Thinker book endsWhy not get that paperback you’ve been meaning to read? Better yet, find an OLD book you loved and haven’t read in about ten, twenty or more years.  (Why else did you keep that book?) Nude readers (10)You’re older now and have a more mature experience and comprehension about certain things in life and about yourself. It’s very likely your mindset about certain things has changed a bit! That simply means re-reading an old book might give you a different perspective!  Place the book of your choice where you plan to read it, like in the living room, kitchen den or in your backyard.

Nude readers (7)Now, go take a relaxing shower or bath;  it will clear your mind. Remember this will be a “me” day!  When done bathing – and while still nude. make yourself some hot herbal tea or pour a glass of wine; go sit down with your book,  relaxed with your cleared mind. You are free, naked and simply enjoying the coveted skill of reading and the freedom to get into a REAL book! It’s been so-o-o-o long, hasn’t it?

Read the Read Naked Manifesto and _Read Naked Manifestolet it inspire you!

Keepin’ It…REAL!

1 thought on “It’s Read NAKED Day!

  1. My naked brother and friend, another awesome advocacy for a perfect past-time to reduce stress in today’s hectic world! Great job, my man! Take care, stay bare and turn those pages! 🙂

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