A Father Shows His Son Love – There’s Nothing Wrong Here!

This video of a Thai television show interview with my Philly home boi, actor/rapper Will Smith and his Will Smith, son Jaden, 'After Earth' promoson, actor Jaden Smith (promoting their recently released movie After Earth) has hit the web and created senseless controversy simply because Smith showed some love to his beloved son in a manner deemed “inappropriate” by some people. It’s bad enough that certain ugly rumors about Will Smith and his family have existed for some time, but to read more bullshit comments on You Tube and Facebook prompted me to post the video and give my take on exactly what it is that I saw in the video.  Now, you take a look at the seven and a half-minute (7:36) video clip then read my comments which follow and tell me if you agree (or not) with my assessment.

As implied, I watched the video. What I saw was a FATHER who loves and is proud of his son. I saw a FATHER who loves to play with his son in a most innocent manner.  I saw a loving SON who understands and LOVES his FATHER in return and who, by his body language, indicated that he knows his father, a man who likes to play and show affection to his children! I saw nothing sexual or inappropriate. In fact, I envy young Jaden for having a father like Will Smith who can show such affection without a care or shame for what others might think! Kudos to my Philadelphia homie!

Myself being a father of a son who is now 17, let me tell all my readers, that I have always shown – and I continue to show, my son great affection – unashamedly, ever since the day he was born. Have I ever kissed my son? Yes, of course…dozens of times! I can’t recall if I ever kissed him on the lips, but even if I did – and it’s very likely that I have at one time or another, it certainly wasn’t sexual! And so what if I kissed him or kissed him on the lips?  I LOVE MY SON… more than I love anything or anyone else!

Other than the natural strong love and bond I feel for my son, there is one other important reason I tend to show such affection to he – my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased who is my pride and joy: neither my biological father or my foster-father ever showed me ANY affection of love whatsoever;  neither had ever said they loved me!  I certainly would have remembered if either of those men did.

When I leave this plane of existence, my son will know – without any shadow of doubt, that I LOVED him. My son will always remember me telling him that I love him and that I am proud of him because I say it to him so often! My son will know that I was never ashamed to say the words, “I love you, son...“; words he’s heard me say clear and direct as I looked him in the eye or surprised him with such words in a phone text each week, and that I have never hesitated to demonstrate such sentiments of love and affection to him.

Society needs more men – particularly BLACK MEN like me, Will Smith and some others I know who have sons, who are NEVER ashamed to show such affection or express love to their sons. Society also needs to abandon this sick, twisted idea that fathers or father-figures – be they straight, bisexual or gay, who show their sons such affection, can somehow hinder or threaten their son’s idea of masculinity. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Check it: Anyone who thinks the kiss in this video from Will Smith to his son Jaden was sexual in nature or inappropriate, is either not a father, probably didn’t receive any affection from his own father, is not comfortable with his own masculinity and/or his status as a father and/or doesn’t understand the special love and bond that a FATHER can have for his son.
On that note, I say again, “Kudos, Will Smith!

Keepin’ It…REAL!

3 thoughts on “A Father Shows His Son Love – There’s Nothing Wrong Here!

  1. Amen, my naked friend! AMEN! Perhaps our social ills wouldn’t be so numerous if men weren’t “programmed” away from showing affection and non-sexual love. The whole concept of masculinity as unemotional is unnatural and un-human. A long needed commentary here, buddy! Much love, naked hugs and respect!

  2. I first heard all about this on a Facebook thread, and was appalled by the level of ignorance and suspicion that made such a tender moment between a father and his son read like something dark and twisted. With a few minor adjustments, I decided to repost my comment here:

    DAMN! We’ve gotten so far removed from our humanity that now everything we see is suspect. We complain that men …. particularly black men … are too reserved, cold or otherwise disconnected and then the moment he expresses affection and tenderness, he’s criticized, called a homosexual, or something perverted. I saw the clip and I saw a nurturing FATHER having FUN with his SON! Maybe that’s the issue?! Some people can’t stand to SEE a loving relationship because all they’re used to is DYSFUNCTION! I read some of the replies in the comments section (of the original article) on that wretched, ratchet blog, and the only perverse thing that I saw were the twisted thoughts of those ignorant enough to actually say what they thought. And let me add that I think most of them were FEMALES …. probably black … who see wrongdoing in EVERYTHING – especially when it comes to MEN who are not adhering to their rigid, narrow, restricting stereotypes of who, what, and how a man should act.

    “Neither my biological father or my foster-father ever showed me ANY affection of love whatsoever; neither had ever said they loved me!” you say. A lot of us can relate to that! And maybe that’s half of the problem – we think that’s NORMAL! What’s UNNATURAL is NOT showing affection, NOT saying I LOVE YOU and SHOWING IT beyond being a “good provider” if we even rise to THAT LEVEL. What’s unnatural is not crying, not nurturing, not showing emotion, NOT BEING HUMAN!

    Thank you, RobFather, for making a difference, breaking the old molds and habits, and ushering in a NEW NORMAL for Fatherhood. BLACK FATHERHOOD!

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