Bill Hader (and Stefon), leaving SNL!

SNL's Bill HaderNBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) is and has always been one of my favorite not-to-miss-shows for decades! The show often never ceases to amaze and keep me laughing!

It breaks my heart when classic acts leave SNL but I applaud and support their continued professional endeavors. One such act that I fell in great like (ok, …in LOVE) with is Bill Hader‘s Weekend Update character, “Stefon“. Bill Hader is leaving SNL (this was his last season) and with him goes “Stefon”.
Damn. I am so-o-o going to miss Stefon, one of the funniest acts on that segment of SNL!

All my best, Bill Hader/Stefon. Thanks for the belly aching laughs!SNL's Bill Hader as Stefon wSeth Meyers Weekend Update

Click here or below (apologies for the ad) for the video clip from the 2013 SNL season-ender where Stefon [nearly] marries CNN’s Anderson Cooper but ends up with WU anchor Seth Meyers…FINALLY!

With the departure of Bill Hader’s Stefon and other characters he’s portrayed, neither Weekend Update or Saturday Night Live itself will be the same!

Keepin’ It…REAL!

4 thoughts on “Bill Hader (and Stefon), leaving SNL!

    • I always do. Thank you!
      In fact, I’m working on ANOTHER post in that “vein” right now. Look for it!

      • Will do! I hope you don’t mind me promoting your nudecentric posts on my blog. You articulate the benefits of nudity so well. Much love and naked hugs!

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