Question of the Week (series) / K-QOW No. 4

Questionmark2QUESTION: Is there a difference between “keeping it real” and “telling all your business”?

MY COMMENT:  Since high school, college, the present (here on my blog), and periods in between, I’ve always written papers and given speeches on how I see things (with some tactfulness applied where necessary).  In other words, I have no problem expressing my point of view. I think the difference between keeping it real and telling all your business actually depends on what one determines “real” to be or what that “business” happens to be.

Everyone has a conscience. Therefore, if one is comfortable with sharing a certain aspect or perhaps all things about themselves and he/she feels no shame, guilt or embarrassment in doing so, why should anyone else judge that person for being both “real” and “telling their business”?  No one is qualified to define or judge the level or degree to which a person’s particular information about themselves is “too personal” or “too much information” (TMI) to be shared with someone else. The onus is always going to be on the person sharing or telling such information; after all it is their business to tell or reveal.  To that person, he or she IS “being real”. And let’s remember: it’s often difficult for a person to slander himself so whatever that information or “business” happens to be, it is NOT up to you or me to say it should not be shared.

In my opinion and experience, “being real” is actually a personal perception and assessment. It means that person gets to determine to what degree he or she is going to be open, honest and frank with others or how freely they wish to express whatever is on the mind – and to do so without any regard for how others may perceive their thoughts. This is the issue society has had for generations when it comes to opposing free thinkers and those who are prudish about such natural things as sexuality. Society really wants to know what people are thinking but in the same light always contradicts itself by suggesting censorship of such thinking or ideas. It cannot be both ways. This is why I blog on the “free-thinker” level mindset.  People who read my blog often tell me that I write about things which others are afraid or reluctant to say. Well, that is one of the missions of this blog, Keepin’ It…REAL!; to serve not only as an outlet for my self-expression but perhaps to be helpful to those readers who might be thinking along the same lines as me but who could never put their thoughts into words. My blog covers subjects ranging from sexuality, religion, politics and music, on to general social issues and more.  I believe that we cannot ask people to “keep it real” yet expect them to bridle their passions and minds at the same time! Remember: Only the individual can define what “being real” or being open is, at least as far as anything that is about that person is concerned… and/or regarding any particular situation or event happening in that person’s life. In other words, what you or I might consider as “telling all of one’s business” may in fact be another person’s method of “being real”. We are in no position to say one way or another. We only have the choice to listen, believe it and/or ignore it; nothing more.  I say we ought to reserve such judgment of what an understands and considers as “being real”, i.e. being open, honest, and frank, (and so long as that person does not slander another person); we ought not bother classifying a person’s “realness” as “telling all their business”.

Keepin’ It…REAL!

Now, what say YOU? Post your comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Question of the Week (series) / K-QOW No. 4

  1. I agree with you 100%, my friend! Each person self-discloses according to their own comfort level. Until we have figuratively “walked a mile” in their shoes, none of us is qualified to judge another because of where they are in their individual lives. Each of us “keeps it real” in a way that is realistic for who we are. A very astute observation, sir! Take care and stay bare! 🙂

  2. I’m very open and outspoken and have very few things about me that I feel the need to hide. That said, everything isn’t for everyone therefore I may be reluctant to share certain information with certain people… Not because I have something to hide but rather that its none of that party’s business.
    Some people can take seemingly harmless info and turn it into something tawdry. Any info shared with those individuals I would therefore deem as TMI or “none of your @&$@ business!!!

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