Question of the Week (series) / K-QOW No. 3

QUESTION: What always helps to put you in a great mood?

MY COMMENT:  Listening to music or watching a television comedy, action or suspense flick helps my mood. Going to the movies helps too. Sometimes calling a friend (of which I have few) puts me in a great mood. Other times when I’m in a bad mood or stressed, I masturbate.  Sexual activity is the great de-stress or chill out activity for me.

Now, before you judge, hear me out. I do not go looking for a partner with whom to have sex. I also won’t  call on some “fuck buddy” or FWB (friend with benefits) I might know. I would never want to take out my internal frustrations on someone else. Other than the fact it takes too much time for meet up with a person, having sex with someone when I’m frustrated or pissed off is not fair to them or to me, therefore I choose to masturbate. It’s called making use of the things I already have at hand – or IN HAND, in my case! Masturbation is the one activity that, if you’re creative and (in some cases) bold, can be done anywhere if you’re not home. I’ve masturbated at school, work, church, in my car and outside. I simply put my hand down my pants and play with my cock and balls. I take in the masculine pheromone aroma of my sweaty balls, which always turns me on. I swear, someone needs to bottle that scent. Men will buy it! Trust me!  Anyway, I deeply inhale my masculine scent and let my mind wander to some past sexual experience or create a desired one as I’m about to masturbate. I might embellish certain sexual memories to enhance my sexual pleasure which makes me harder. At home, I try to do this without going through the trouble of turning on my computer and pulling up some folder where my spank bank of porn material is stashed or bringing up some porn website from my ever-growing list of  porn bookmarks. If my mind is too distracted to stay focused, then yes – I’ll result to porn. I’m a man and, like most men who masturbate, sexual stimulation often has to be visual – either in mind or sight.  When my mind is on sex, it seems to replace whatever is or has been fucking up my mood. I feel better after the orgasm for I am no longer moody or stressed out. I tend to think much clearer and am better able to continue on with my day.
Check it: Masturbation is also one of the rituals I perform a few or more times a week, particularly if I anticipate my day is – or might be met with some extremely stressful situation. I’m not saying that I will masturbate at every situation of this kind because that’s simply not practical. Still, knowing that masturbation is at least an option for me is often a relief in itself! Having a good, intense ejaculatory orgasm always clears my mind, reduces any past stress and will realign my attitude in preparation to take on or continue with the day. It is like the reset button of my brain.

Keepin’ It…REAL!

Now, what say YOU? Post your comments below!

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7 thoughts on “Question of the Week (series) / K-QOW No. 3

  1. Hey man, please check out my blog on Monday, May 20, 2013. I’m nominating your site for an award. Thanks, man! Much love and naked hugs!

    • Wow g! Thank you! I am so humbled! Yes, I’ll be sure to read your blog tomorrow. Thank you again! 🙂

      • Thank you, sir! Excellent site you have here! 🙂

  2. Absolutely! Thank you for putting out there what many are too afraid to acknowledge and own!

    • Wow. I remember when I used to masturbate almost twice a day! Then I got a job, involved in school and community activities, started having sex, etc. I hardly had time to have a jack off session TWICE a day especially when it got harder and harder (pun intended) to find time and privacy to jack off ONCE a day. Oh well; at least not a week went by that I didn’t jerk off at least three or four times out of the seven day period!

  3. That’s right masturbation been around for a very very long time-when they didn’t know what [they were] doing in their pants.

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