Sit Down, Shut the Fuck Up! (RobFather Goes IN!)

RobFather in thoughtOften there are times when I try to help a young man — especially one who is young enough to be my son, by offering him some damn good advice on LIFE. However, there are always one or two young cats – usually BLACK MALES who think they know better than me regarding certain things in life. These particular young men are often in my face or sending me a missive complaining how I’ve “offended them and/or have “insulted their intelligence”. I had this problem with several youngbloods when I was in the Navy and unfortunately, I continue to experience it in the “real” world and, of course, on Funnybook (Facebook).  This is one of the reasons I announced earlier, that I would start screening Funnybook friend requests I receive; both by age – and/or by the number of mutual friends the requester has.  Anyway, it’s long past time I spoke to those young punk muthafuckas in a language I think THEY will understand. They need to know where I’m – and others in my age group that try to help their dumb asses – are coming from!

Listen up, g:
Some of you tell me that “people are always insulting your intelligence”. Well, the first thing you need to know is, I believe intelligence is measured by what one CURRENTLY knows and has experienced in life.  So I have to ask you, “What intelligence of yours have I insulted? Your ability to type a few words on a cell phone faster than I can? Your talent for understanding some silly Internet chat room slang? None of that shit means a damn thing in terms of actually getting through life, son!  No matter how much you think you know or how many muthafuckin’ college degrees you’ve got in your back pocket, your “intelligence is still limited at best; it cannot compare to that of an “old-head” like me who has a huge advantage over you in so many areas of life! Muthafucka, I’ve got age over you! I’ve got SEVERAL levels of education over you, which includes: formal and informal education and training; it also includes decades of learned and other self-taught things ranging from street survival to that learned about society, the world, religious, political, military, technical and the sexual  – all coupled with more than 30 years of life experience and personal wit. That’s far more than your teenaged to mid-to-late 20-something year-old brain and dumb ass will ever have!  Don’t misunderstand me, g: I’m not saying I know everything but I’ve got more intelligence to protect me if I lost everything I owned and everyone I loved  far more than you ever will gain or lose at your current age!
Check it: Don’t ever fuck with or underestimate me or most of those in my generation and older! Our ability to rebound will knock you on your young punk asses something silly, muthafucka!

You young punk muthafuckas do not know every goddamn thing!  You say all kinds of shit – some of it profound perhaps but much of it that clearly reveals – at least to an “old-head” like me – your  limited experience with people, the world in general and with life itself! Of course, we old-heads expect some of you younger ones to talk shit and spew nonsense from out the side of your mouths. That is something natural and expected from men and women in your age and generation! Still, that’s why we OLDER folks are still walking the earth – and why we’re still laying down the REAL shit with you…even though many of you are too damn hard-headed to listen without getting some attitude and feeling like you’ve been “insulted” in some psychological or emotional manner! Many of you fuckin’ babies need to get off your momma’s tits, stop tugging on her dress, grow a pair of balls and grow the fuck up!

I often wonder if we old-heads are being foolish for even giving a fuck about some of you young, punk, think-you-know-every-goddamn-thing-about-every-goddamn-thing, muthafuckas!  Many of you post some worded bullshit shit on Twitter and Funnybook (Facebook). I tried to ignore it but often, it is always right in my face! I admit that it’s my fault for continuing to keep some of you wet-behind-the-ears, shitty ass-wipes on my Twitter and Funnybook friends list! If I removed/de-friended you, I wouldn’t have to see your shit! Well, after today, it looks like I’m going to have to take some action in that regard to save my own eyes from having to read your crap. Surely, there isn’t a goddamn thing most of you stupid-ain’t-never been-anywhere-or-done-anything-useful-with-your-life can teach a true and REAL mother fucker like me! I’ve been to places on this planet and done shit most of you can only dream or masturbate about!  It’s so sad you honestly believe your words drip with so much wisdom! Get the fuck outta here!  In fact, a few of you dare to get bold and try to tell us older folk what life is about! You make me want to laugh in your faces!  Most of you dumb fucks are only in your late teens, perhaps early to mid 20’s with a few  close to or a little past 30 years old, yet you would dare try to tell someone twice or nearly three times your age what life is about! Again I say, get the fuck outta here! Muthafucka, you can’t even see pass the length of your own nose, let alone past the tip of your dick. What the fuck do YOU know compared to someone older, wiser and more experienced than yourself?  That was a rhetorical question but the answer would be, YOU DON’T KNOW A DAMN THING! 

While some your age are blessed to actually know what the fuck they’re talking about, others need to be guided back in line. Just the same, you are all still SHEEP;  sheep that are just wandering around in a world that is much too big for you to ever understand at your present age and experience. It’s going to take time to learn how the world works! That’s why people like me – for some crazy reason, feel like a shepherd; showing genuine concern and care by schooling young punks like you, the ways of the world – in all its wretched reality; it’s why I and others of my generation and those older than me, talk (or chat on-line) with you, trying to change your fucked-up viewpoint of life…. all in the effort to hopefully better prepare you to handle the many challenges that you will be met with. The sad thing is, some of you either do not want to listen or are too damn stubborn to listen. Many of you’ have got your heads so far up your ass, you can see and smell the next log of shit coming down the tube!

Many of you have never set foot in or lived in a foreign land, specifically a different CONTINENT. Some of you probably have never visited more than one STATE here in America.  Many of you have never met, talked with, listened to, worshiped with, broke bread with, partied or drank with someone from a foreign land.  And many more of you could not even tell me if the odor of pussy and ass from someone of a foreign country was distinctively different from that of the people living here in America! Some of you young punk muthafuckas have no flying fuckin’ clue as to why MY brothers and sisters in-arms in the military are fighting over in some foreign Stop doing this! You look stupid!country – getting themselves physically and mentally fucked up  – if not killed – all in an effort to make sure that the shit happening over there does not come over here! And on that subject, many of you, with all your “tough talk”, finger sighing, turned upper-lip scowl and crotch-grabbing, while at the same time, showing the world your nasty underwear-covered (in some cases) rump asses… are STILL too damn chicken shit and too much of a PUSSY to ever volunteer to serve in one of the great uniform forces of this country. You’re too busy complaining about how you “couldn’t handle someone shouting in your face and telling you what to do.” Yet, you can go around marking up property, selling drugs, whoring, beating, raping and impregnating  women, stealing or destroying that which isn’t yours and capping (shooting) and killing people just because someone said or did something that offended or Insulted your dumbass! Ri-i-i-ght! And you wonder why there are more of you young Black bruthas in the prisons of this great land than anyone else! Get over yourselves, wake up and GROW THE FUCK UP!

There are those of you who like to hide behind your words. Yeah, I said it! You puss out! You use phrases like, “I’m just speaking in general” or “I’m just saying” either in or at the end of your comments. In my opinion, those are cop-out terms! They make you look weak, g! Own up to your words; don’t hide behind them! That’s one of the problems of many of today’s young Black men and women. Some of you muthafuckas don’t know how to effectively communicate; how to speak; how to use proper grammatical syntax in speech or written word!  Eschew ObfuscationYou don’t know how to LISTEN FIRST without getting all angry and ready to fight or out-talk someone!  And in your weak, pussified mindset, you tend to play “word tag” with the people who are trying to help you with certain things in life. You often say some of the dumbest shit in a PUBLIC FORUM (like Facebook) – often complaining about almost anything in life that offends you or makes your butt hurt. Then when one of us old-heads responds to offer advice on how to handle the challenges you are struggling with, or when we try to give an alternative way to look at certain things, you tend to get an attitude with us and begin telling everyone how you’ve been made to feel “small”, “offended” and “insulted” . It’s amazing how you got all that from the HELPFUL advice us old-heads have given you!  It is YOU, not me or people in my age group, who seem to take an awful lot of shit too damn personal! We got thick skin and a weathered spirit to take a lot of shit; YOU however,  do not! You make me sick with your whining! What a sensitive fuck some of you can be… and you call yourselves “hard”. HA! That’s a fuckin’ joke if I ever heard one! The only thing “hard” on you is your HEAD – and maybe your dick right now – if you’re getting off at my coming at you in this manner! Punk beeotches! Never mind the idea of you possibly considering the notion that perhaps, just perhaps, we old-heads were only trying to help make things better for you! You often choose to “bait” or pick a fight with us old-heads or the “offending” person by indirectly making some nasty, yet subtle comment about something we’ve said to you. Do you think we are stupid?  We can see that sort of thing coming at us a mile or more away! Well, I am not easily baited. I do not believe in arguing on-line, particularly with someone whom I’ve never met or even know well. I simply refuse to spend or waste my time typing words in some argumentative form on a computer back and forth to a stranger. It’s silly! I don’t get it, and I don’t get why some of you get an attitude over the things we say to help you or why you feel “insulted”, especially when the advice we give is in the public forum of social media like Facebook. The advice can be read and seen by others who read your initial complaint but who also might benefit by our advice! In your self-righteous, highly selfish attitude, did you ever stop to consider that perhaps others in your age group might be able to benefit from the advice of older, wiser, more experienced persons than yourself?

I realize that I can’t win with hard-headed muthafuckas. Too many goddamn young people on Facebook seem to think they know it all! They act like no one older and wiser than their ass can ever teach them shit! I’ve been through some of the “pot holes” in life. I’ve run into a few “hard walls” in my time. I’ve had to kick some major ass – literally and figuratively to keep muthafuckas from taking advantage of me or from running over me with their bullshit! Situations have happened to me that have kicked my big, strong Black ass down but… thanks to the advice given me as a young man – advice which I listened to and remembered – I was always able to rise up and carry on!

When a man – especially a BLACK MAN tries to help a Black youngblood with some of life’s challenges ranging from the most SIMPLE things to the HARDEST things in that youngblood’s life, it is best for that young Black brutha to just shut the fuck up and listen! Of course, you young cats do not ever have to take the advice which I or anyone of my generation or older gives you. We’re not going to put a muthafuckin’ gun to your head!  Because many of us have “been there/done that”, we often feel obligated to try to help look out for you and keep you from making some of the same major mistakes we made at your ages. You are always free to make your own mistakes  (and sometimes, we’ll let do that – on purpose – so you can gain the experience of that particular situation), but how often will you know if what you are doing is, in fact going to be a mistake??  The fact is, you WON”T know …. for if you knew, it would NOT be a MIS-take, dumbass!! We old-heads try to help you – in our own way; we try to guide you in life and help keep you from falling way off the deep end with your misplaced thoughts and ideas about how things in life seem to appear versus how they actually are. Sure; we know you didn’t ask for our help; for many of you young, dumb, full-of-cum muthafuckas are too cocky to ever ask for help. Fortunately, there are young smart muthafuckas among you who yearn to learn as much as they can from us old-heads about successfully meeting and passing the challenges of life!  They seek, appreciate and understand the valued advice of people older, wiser and experienced than themselves so that they (the youngbloods) can better handle any of the various challenges life. They are the ones who [hopefully] want to get older and live through the decade ages of their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond, with each passing year getting easier for them, not harder!! Thank God the future of humanity is not in any real danger of extinction, not while there are smart cats like those just described around!

I plan on seeing age 53 and on to 110 – if such is my fate, using the many talks and advice given by those who are/were older, wiser, and more experienced than me. While on my journey of life, so long as my Creator feels I can be useful, I am going to continue reaching back to help – not just my youngblood bruthas of color but any youngblood who yearns for  my advice!

As for you other hard-headed muthafuckas; until you pull your heads out of your asses, I’m done with you!

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Keepin’ It…REAL!

4 thoughts on “Sit Down, Shut the Fuck Up! (RobFather Goes IN!)

  1. Well damn, I’m just saying, That was powerful well said and beyond due. Some of these guys make me embarrassed to be a part of that age group.

    • It’s how I feel as a Black man…and as far as age goes, some of the “old head” people in my age group aren’t exactly acting right either; THOSE particular knuckleheads embarrass ME, too!

  2. RobFather, I hope they got the message because if not I don’t feel sorry for them….an older and wiser man like yourself tried your best to teach about life but [they’re] doing the opposite. They will learn one day when something bad happens to them.

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