“Ms Sweet Brown” Embarrasses Me!

I absolutely hate this “Ms Sweet Brown” woman! She (or her character – if it is a character) is a fuckin’ embarrassment to me as a Black man and to the Black ethnicity and culture, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know why she is so damn popular – especially among my fellow Black people. Well, okay… maybe I DO know; perhaps it’s because many members of my ethnicity seem to not give a damn on how they are portrayed or represented in the media!  There; I said it! I’ll make it clear again: I hate the persona of “Ms Sweet Brown” and what she represents to me as a proud Black man and to my ethnicity!

I don’t know much about this Ms. Sweet Brown woman out of character…assuming she is in fact, IN character, whenever the cameras are on her. Perhaps Ms. Sweet Brown is a real person! I don’t fuckin’ know or care. Normally, I would conduct some research on this person to learn more about her etc; but as with other things in life, I have to think and decide carefully on what subjects – or people I wish to invest my time in researching. I will always be a seeker of knowledge. However, there are some things which I tend to just follow my gut and skip the damn research. I feel justified – and qualified – enough to do that because I’m very confident in the vast knowledge and experience obtained over the last forty-plus years of my life from which I can easily reference. Besides, I’m never interested in learning too much about all things, especially when the answers are obviously in front of me.  Some things are best accepted at face value. As far is Ms. Sweet Brown is concerned, my attitude is that conducting such research is useless and a waste of valuable time, particularly when simply feeling embarrassed by her is more than enough for me to know that I definitely do not like her, do not like what she represents, nor  find anything remotely humorous about her. Every time I see Ms. Sweet Brown on a some video, her still image on-line or and she opens her nasty-looking mouth to speak, I cringe!  I am instantly reminded of the racist images and tactics certain factions in the media have used and often continue to use in blatant and subliminal ways – to demean Black people and other persons of color. This isn’t about race per se. It is more about the media enforcement of a certain known and unacceptable racial stereotype of people in that race or ethnicity, which is worsened by the willing participation of members in that ethnicity. Such participants should be aware at this point in history, of the negative perceptions and implications their actions give.

I have been a student of media communications and its effect and influence on ethnic culture for more than 30 years. I’ve had both formal and informal education on the subject.  I also have either worked with or in some form of media since my late teens and I currently work in media broadcasting (radio). I also happen to have a good pair of eyes and ears and a keen sense of ethnic awareness and pride.  So when I say that this Ms. Sweet Brown woman’s speech is fucked up and her looks are fucked up (yes, I said it!) and that I think the “Ms Sweet Brown” persona helps set back the achievement of Black women and Black people as an ethnicity by at least 150 years, I mean it …and I know well or, at the very most, greatly believe in what I’m talking about! There is no sugar-coating this opinion and I offer no apologies.

What’s that you’re thinking?? You don’t believe me?
Then let me help you learn for yourself by recommending this ninth-grade reading level book: Ceramic Uncles and Celluloid Mammies: Black Images and Their Influence on Culture by Patricia A. Turner (1994/2002). Yes, there are other books on this subject but this one has been on my library shelf since the day I bought it in 1994, the year it was first published.  I suggest you get the book or one along the same subject line. If you don’t know or believe in that which I’ve written here, you’d do well to learn for yourself so that you – and your likeness can stop being made a fool of!  The only way to stop this racist nonsense in the media is for people – particularly people of color – to stop rolling over like a lousy whore and taking whatever fucking is given to them and go get themselves educated.

Wake the fuck up, people!

Keepin’ It…REAL!

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