The Freedom of Nudity (Part 2 of 2)

[Read The Freedom of Nudity (Part 1 of 2) here]

RobFather-XDoing Things While Nude, is Relaxing –
With my love for nudity being so natural, there are often certain things which I enjoy doing while nude.  If you’ve assumed that I was probably naked as I wrote this article you’d be correct! I often write a number of my articles in the nude, especially when I feel warm or it happens to be warm outside.  I do not however, always write in the nude but I’ve found that often my mental creative abilities – as well as my writing skills, are both significantly enhanced and improved during moments of nudity. In fact, much of that mental creativity happens when I’m in the shower!  Some of past roommates or friends thought the reason I often took so long taking a shower was because I was masturbating. I’d get teased because sometimes it was true – since a few have walked in on me doing that. Other times however, I was actually brainstorming!  I’ve written most of my academic term papers in the nude and received high marks on every term paper and report.  Whether I’m shaving at the bathroom sink, taking a shit, bathing in the shower, watching TV or just lying in bed reading or chatting online – nudity has always relaxed me and cleared my mind of clutter and bullshit stresses. If you see me repeat that in this article it’s only because words cannot describe the comfort and psychological freedom nudity brings me.

While I always enjoy being nude, I do not always have to be nude. There is a big difference. When I’m home (or if away in a hotel room) I occasionally watch television, work on my computer, house clean, eat meals and do certain other things of a general nature – all while nude.  I have fantasies of answering my door in the nude, which would be a turn-on since I would love to see the person’s face when I do it, especially if it’s some delivery or apartment maintenance calling unexpectedly. I’m sure I’m not the only person ever to have, or at the very most, lived out such a fantasy!  The closest to nudity I’ve ever answered my door is with a bath towel half-wrapped around my waist.  I’ll settle for that being close to realizing my fantasy for the time being.  Like many men, I prefer to watch porn in the nude, though I know of only a few guys who watch it fully clothed, which only makes sense to me if you were at work or the library; not at home or a close friend’s house. Other things I like to do nude is have an “all nude day”, especially in the very warm to hot days of summer.  If I have to work or go out that day, the moment I get home, off comes the clothing – as I mentioned earlier.  I might wear nothing but boxers or sweat pants (without underwear) but it isn’t long before I’ve pulled that particular clothing off too – just to be… naked.  I often go on Facebook, chat on-line, talk on the phone with friends – all while naked.  Oddly, I rarely do any business or talk to certain relatives over the phone while in nude – unless by chance, such calls occur when I’m already in the nude.  I’m sure some might think it weird or indecent of me but I’m not going to bother with putting on a robe or a pair of shorts just because a certain person happens to call me. Fuck that!  I’ve had to take some necessary and important phone calls while in the middle of a masturbation session – which some would consider to be worse than being nude.  Speaking of sexual pleasure and “decency”:  I have the same casual attitude about people who might walk in my home (which hasn’t happened) or in my bedroom (which has happened… a few times) without knocking.  Chances are the intruding person will see my naked brown ass… and nice-looking cock – in its soft or hard state of being. Check it: I am not one of those people who’d quickly cover up and run to the door to close it. I won’t attempt to hide my nudity. I also will not holler at the person for walking in on me. If I’m masturbating alone or happened to be “sexing” someone, depending on my groove, I might tell the person to either close the door (which they should already know to do out of respect for the privacy of both me and my sex partner) or, depending on the intruder, I might invite him or her to come in, take off their clothes and join me/us.  Yeah, I’m freaky like that! My sexual experience has allowed me to grow in that area and become what sex adviser columnist Dan Savage coins as being “GGG” – good, giving, and game.  I just don’t see why I should let anyone ruin my sexual pleasure – or cause me to lose a good boner – when what I’d be doing sexually is perfectly natural….and legal. The older I get, the less inhibited – or freakier (within good reason) I become!

I mentioned that nudity relaxes me…and it does indeed!  It helps relieve the stresses of the day. It gives me a clear and focused mind. I’m able to rationalize various things; make clear decisions, better develop and write about things on my mind, as well as plan certain things in my life. Nudity helps me sleep well, particularly after I’ve had sex or masturbated.  Later, I’ll write an article about the relationship between sleep and masturbation.

Nudity in the Navy: Homoerotic –
Now an erotic flashback about nudity, homoeroticism and male-bonding in the Navy. When I was in the Navy, I knew quite a few guys (I’m sure there were women too) – both in the barracks on shore and onboard ship who enjoyed nudity, freeballing and sleeping in the nude as much as I. For instance, in every barracks I lived in and on every ship to which I was assigned I knew quite a few guys who slept nude.  It was just a natural thing to see some guys nude and others wearing underwear in their bunks. I remember always being happy to learn that I wasn’t the only one who had no qualms with sleeping nude around other guys. On one of the ships where I was assigned, it was mere coincidence that there were three of us assigned to one tier of bunks – each who just happened to be a nude sleeper. You can imagine what mornings were like – specifically those moments when one of us might see the morning hard-on of one of the other bunkmates.  We often joked about that situation. To make living in that tier of bunks even more relaxing was the fact that neither of us had any inhibitions about masturbation.  Nearly every dude – on ship or shore, had shared or exchanged fuck books (porn magazines) which was a clear indication that they also masturbated. In my case, sleeping in a tier of bunks with two other guys who jerked off (masturbated) as often as I did made it more convenient, especially for those missions or deployments that often lasted anywhere from two weeks to six or seven months!  On long deployments, other than the bunks, one might expect to see (or hear) someone “rubbing one out” (masturbating), either in the head (bathroom), in some auxiliary storage or machine room, or anywhere one would be less likely to get found or caught. When the urge hits a man to “beat off” (masturbate), he’s either going to ignore it or postpone it but at some point, he’s going to “handle his business” – unless of course, he’s got a willing sex partner on board!  I’d bet the ratio of nude sleepers increased on every deployment. I know it certainly did after guys went out and got shit-faced (drunk)! Admittedly, I’ve often let my love for nudity get the best of me under such circumstances – I Sleep Nakedas did a few others!  I recall one instance many years ago, during a visit in the Philippine Islands, where a buddy and I [often] got drunk in Olongapo City, located near Subic Bay. One night when we got back to the ship around 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning, we’d taken off our nasty, sweaty and puke-covered clothes, had a quick shower and started roughhousing in the berthing compartment along with a few other guys who’d also just returned. Imagine a scene where there are several butt-assed naked men running around snapping towels and whooping and hollering like little boys. While a couple of guys fell on their ass in the berthing compartment, I don’t think anyone got hurt, as one by one, we’d eventually retreat to our bunks. That’s just how it was back then; how some of us Sailors and Marines often relieved the stress of deployment – that is, those of  us who were good friends. It was typical male-bonding as we were having innocent fun: drinking and smoking, sometimes fucking the same whores, drinking some more and roughhousing. Damn, I miss those days!

I told that story to illustrate that contrary to some myth, nudity is not a big deal in the military, particularly in the Navy or in the Marine Corps. (I’ve served on ships which had a large complement of Marines.)  As with any environment where several members of the same gender congregate, often the aura of homoerotic (not necessarily homosexual) roughhouse play, feelings or related speech can and do occur. As described in my story, a typical ship’s male berthing compartment is one place where such activity can be found.  Other than those who sleep in the nude, one can find a few guys in the heads (bathrooms) brushing teeth, shaving, pissing or taking shit – all while in the nude – before hitting the showers.  Others would sit at tables wearing either bath towels, boxers or briefs, or nothing at all – while playing cards, chess or just bullshitting. There would always be guys joking about the “junk” on another guy or wrestling in their underwear between the racks of bunks or in the head (bathroom) snapping each other’s asses with wet towels and….well, you already get the idea. It can all be platonically homoerotic; something that is inevitable – these various forms of male bonding, that WILL and often DO happen! In such an environment, men will be… men! All that nudity – non-sexual as it was when I was in the Navy (and I’m sure still is) – would be any gay or bisexual person’s eye-candy, if not masturbatory fantasy!  Yet, these are factual, albeit small examples of homoeroticism in its least or basic form that occurs in the military.

Nudity helped me to relax during the twenty years I spent in the Navy. On the ship, after work, I’d take a shower and just hang out at my bunk or go sit in the berthing compartment lounge (with towel wrapped around my waist) and chill until I was ready to get dressed to go out or stand some mandatory watch on the ship. On shore duty after work, when I got back to my barracks room, I’d strip down to my underwear or take everything off, unless I had a roommate – in which case, I’d just strip down to my boxers or change into a pair of swimmers shorts. Of course nudity was not an issue when I lived off base. Nudity was especially useful in the Navy in helping me to think of ways to resolve certain discipline issues I’d been having with a few of the men (and women) under my supervision. Aside from masturbation, being nude has helped relieve stress and encouraged me to later confront my bosses when I thought they were being thoughtless assholes to me or to my men. The Navy:  what an adventure – in more ways than I dare to talk about! *snickers*

Nudity: Sometimes It’s About Male Bonding –
Nudity is – and can be – sexually enticing (depending on the mindset of the person). However, the act itself often has little to do with sex or suggests that something necessarily sexual is going to happen simply because one is nude or likes to be nude. Again, it often depends on the mindset of the person.  I realize all the talk about nudity – particularly in the Navy may “seem gay” to some readers.  In an all-male environment, as I  said earlier, I believe most men have a natural inclination to be nude, whether it’s in the military, sports or just out camping with the fellas. What is the point of hiding or being ashamed or embarrassed with what every other man has as a sex organ?  Why be hesitant to discuss what most of men do with their cocks and what we might likely experience and talk about on a male-related but not necessarily deeply sexual level? For example, I’m not ashamed to admit that I masturbate. While masturbation is an intimate sexual activity – one which is often done in private, I don’t believe it should be some shameful or “deeply sexual” activity – not when nearly everyone does it – or has done it. I said “often done in private” because many men have – or do – masturbate in the company of other men while watching pornography (sometimes referred to as “mutual masturbation” among other names).  I certainly have! I stopped lying about masturbating in my early to mid-teens, roughly around the same time when other guys my age were freely talking about sex and/or masturbation.  Many men hold deeply intimate, sexually explicit conversations about what one does or likes to do sexually with another person.  Such conversations, the experience of solo and/or mutual masturbation and other forms of sexual experimentation are all rites of passage and a form of male bonding for many sexually interested and active males.  It often can be difficult to hide or disguise simple, innocent and platonic homoerotic activity in a consistently all-male environment.  My attitude therefore, is to not give a fuck about what others think or how they might perceive certain male-bonding situations.

A Simple Form of Physical, Sensual and Masculine Freedom
So there it is readers; finally this article, which was aching in my soul for months to be written, is complete… with a pinch of sexiness! I’ve told the world of my shameless love for nudity.  It is not a perversion or some unique fetish – although I do have a fetish or two.  As far as I’m concerned, nudity is simply a form of physical, sensual and masculine freedom.  It is a part of my masculinity and my particular alpha male characteristic. I believe my love of nudity, being nude and appreciating, if not acknowledging the physical nude beauty of others, is one of the sexiest, most sensual and erotic things about me. Anyone, not related to me by blood, who hopes to be a roommate or in a committed, long-term relationship with me, will have to accept that mindset.  I am indeed, a nudist and am very happy and proud to be one! I’m perfectly kool with nudity, my sexuality and sexual experiences… and I’m kool with sharing them here.

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Keepin’ It…REAL!

20 thoughts on “The Freedom of Nudity (Part 2 of 2)

  1. Another great article about nudity, male bonding, and intimacy/masturbation. I grew up playing lots of team sports, so got used to being completely naked in front of all the other guys, coaches, etc. It was just normal and no one got hung up about it. My brother, who served in the Navy, made many of the same comments to me about nudity and masturbation – in close quarters like that, he said you were bound to see another guy releasing his sexual tension. Morning erections were common. As guys, we shouldn’t be hung up about our bodies, being naked with each other, or masturbating. It’s all very healthy and every man masturbates, whether he admits it or not. It’s just part of being male and releasing the sexual tension that builds up inside or bodies, that has to be released through ejaculation. I’ve never had any hang ups about and I wish other men could relax about it. What a great article! Thank you for sharing!

    • Hey Nate. Thanks for reading the article! And yes, speaking as a Navy veteran (now retired), I can say your brother was right on point.
      Thank you for commenting and for the kind compliment about the article! 🙂

  2. Thank you for both of your articles. I was raised to think that nudity was nasty. I have in the last few years found a friend who shares my love of being nude. We camp together, share a hotel room, and even beat off together. It is wonderful to share being naked with a buddy. I don’t get to be naked as much at my house as I have grandchildren living in my house. Though I do sleep naked, keep a robe or shorts close by if they come into my room. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This just reaffirms that I am going in the right direction as far my body is concerned.. I’m not trying to come off cocky when I post pics on social media (ie: FB), but it’s just that I feel confident and I LOVE my body….

    Kudos to you, bruh!!!!!

  4. I’m glad you opened yourself to us with this entry. It makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin. Currently, I’m working out and trying to keep the body RIGHT.. Some may seem to think that I am cocky, but in reality, I’m loving my body now…

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Through this, I know I am on the right track!!!! Kudos!!!

  5. Both of these are excellent! My naked brother, you have definitely broken barriers and debunked myths/stereotypes with Parts 1 &2! Outstanding job! I just discovered your blog(s) today when you followed mine and I can’t wait to read more, especially related to naturism/nudism. You have a logical and refreshing perspective! I am working with several other bloggers on WordPress on a collaborative project for Nude Recreation Week. I’d like your participation. Please email me: (the address is also listed on my gravatar and on my page: The Skinny: The Guy Without Boxers). My name is Roger Poladopoulos. Thanks! Naked hugs, man!

  6. Excellent in every regard. Believe me, your truthfulness is refreshing and your love for nudism in all its forms is shared by many for whom you have spoken so eloquently. I started sleeping in the nude whenever possible as a freshman in college and will never stop and, yes I look forward to every opportunity to work and do just about anything at home (indoors) while nude. Thanks for speaking up for yourself and for those of us still mustering the courage to do so for ourselves.

  7. I think it is a positive thing to be free and comfortable with ones body. Actually, when I get home the first thing I do is take off my clothes. Sometimes I start as soon as I close the door, literally!! I think how we have been raised plays a large part. I wasn’t taught it was NASTY to be Naked. So it wasn’t taboo. Of course there is a level of modesty to be expected but not shame. I can also relate on the freeballing sentiment, it is just a matter of comfort. This is a great post and glad you shared it.

  8. Bravo, RobFather!
    You have certainly laid yourself (and male culture) bare for all to see.
    I appreciate your naked honesty!

      • I just glad that you RobFather have the guts to say it where no one else wouldn’t….stand up and applause….and what Corey said – bravo my friend.

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