The Freedom of Nudity (Part 1 of 2)

I’ve been entertaining thoughts of writing an article on the subject of nudity – and my personal enjoyment of it – for months!  Before I begin, please note a few things: First, this article is about MY personal enjoyment of nudity and why I enjoy it. I do not speak for others. Second, this article contains content which some readers may consider “TMI” or “too much information”. Where this blog is concerned, there is no such thing as “too much information”. Whatever is written here is obviously something I feel comfortable sharing. Finally, pictures in this article are here merely to illustrate certain points of nudity. Other than picture(s) of me, the other identified male model chosen in this article (Parts 1 and 2) was provided by and is of my Facebook friend, Robert ‘ForbiddenLight’ Michael. I invite you to go check out Forbidden Light’s blog here. Other pictures were chosen randomly from the internet and I take no credit for them.  If you are offended by seeing nude/partially nude men – or their genitalia, then please stop reading now. *******************************************************************************
Nudity:  Appearance Reflects Self-Confidence –Like many men, I enjoy being nude. It’s that simple and I’ll happily explain why. You see, I think nudity – and wanting to be nude – is quite natural. I believe many men have a natural inclination to be nude. We were all born nude and will all be nude at some point nearly every day of our lives. Of course I cannot write an article about nudity without addressing some facts about my appearance and gender characteristics. You’ll learn about those as the article unfolds.

BM nude, squatI am quite comfortable with being able to look at my reflection in the mirror on a daily basis and not feel any shame.  I’m not saying that I have the “perfect-looking” physique – because I don’t – but it is my body and I try to do what I can to take care of it. Care of my body includes trying to eat the right foods (and limited amount of sweets), not drink too much alcohol, get plenty of rest and exercise and manage stressful situations. To know me is to know that I shit, shower and shave – in that order – daily, and that on my own, I shave my head, manicure, pedicure and perform other foot and skin care, all on my own. I’ve always been interested in and have taught myself good grooming skills. I’ve improved and practiced such skills since my early teens because I’ve always cared about my looks and appearance. It wasn’t about vanity; it was more about me being a shy kid and having siblings whose good looks my parents, relatives and friends seem to fuss over. Rarely was I ever called “handsome” or “good-looking” so psychologically, I took that to mean that I wasn’t and ever since have worked on grooming, dress and, at one-time, be heavily involved in physical Robert 'Forbidden Light' Michael (3)fitness. I remember sometimes being called “nature boy” because I was always running and jumping, wrestling and putting my body thorough various physical stresses. I’ve never understood why someone always has to make some slick comment about a guy who takes care of his appearance. There’s nothing wrong with a man wanting to look good.  I believe I speak for other men who believe as I do, that looking good means feeling good and feeling good always exudes self-confidence – and often works wonders for a man’s attitude!

Since retiring from the Navy, I admit to becoming a bit lazy in areas regarding physical fitness but to look at me, it isn’t obvious – that is, if photos of me are any indicator. I have what some might call, an “average-looking” physique for a man my age but I’d be the first to admit that my body could afford to lose a few pounds, some body fat and a little toning up. I’d like to get back into doing that very much but I need to find and make time to get back into the same physical fitness regimen once regularly followed in the Navy. Friends, who normally see me clothed, have told me that I “look good”. People with whom I’ve had sex, and of course my health care doctor, who has seen me nude, each has told me that I look good. In fact, their words alternate between “looking good”reasonably healthy” and “fine”.

The “Bear”, the “Alpha Male” Characteristic, personal concern –
Some people would describe my physique as being “stocky” or “thick” but never once have I ever been described as or called “fat”. Others have said that in gay culture, I would be considered a “bear” due to my thick body frame, naturally hairy body, facial hair, bald head and the alpha-male /hyper-masculine characteristics I display. I’ve been called a “bear” for years – by gay and bisexual friends and women who playfully like to refer to me as a “bear of a man”. I stand at 6’0 ft, and weigh a little over than 215lbs. However, psychologically I’ve never considered myself big or tall. Being called a “bear” is a label – and I hate labels – but the term does have certain masculine and sexual connotations, which as a highly sexual person, is something I cannot ignore or deny.  I’m flattered whenever someone –male or female, calls me a “bear” or calls me their “big ol’ teddy bear”, with the latter being a bit much – considering that teddy bears are supposed to have a gentle nature. While I can be gentle, patient and kool with almost anyone, I have more of the characteristics of my astrological sign Taurus than that of some teddy bear!

People have said to me, “Rob, you reek of sexiness” or they have used words to that effect. That’s a very flattering comment, particularly when it comes from both women and men. Personally, I don’t see it and I’m not exactly sure what that means. Perhaps that’s a good thing. I just know that like most people, I enjoy sex very much. I enjoy talking about sex and nearly all things sexual. I can often find something sexual in just about everything I see, hear and sometimes touch. I suppose that such are the sexual abilities or traits of an alpha male – a man who has no inhibitions about his sexuality and one who is quite comfortable in and with his sexuality; a man who is able to have frank discussions of sex and sexuality and, in most cases chooses those with whom he desires to have sex. I’ll let you read between the lines. I also suppose that makes me a person who is innately and sexually in-tune with his surroundings and the creatures that inhabit it. I freely admit to being such a creature and am not ashamed of it. I know there are those who have speculations of my sexuality or sexual orientation. That’s fine because I can’t help such speculations and I’m at the point in my life where I no longer care. Alpha males do not care much – if anything at all – of what others think of them.  As such, rarely do I acknowledge such speculations – unless specifically asked, nor do I subscribe to or believe in labels. I am always going to be… and do… me and whatever pleases me.

I’m not consciously aware of when my essence is sexual. I suppose that would explain why I occasionally get intimately suggestive notes, phone texts and inbox messages from people I meet or with whom I often communicate on Twitter or my Facebook page. Some of those people are very creative in expressing their attractions to me. Again, it’s extremely flattering and such comments tend to make me blush. Then there are persons who make comments that are directly propositional – meaning, the author is offering sexual favors or is interested in getting me to share very intimate details of what I like and like to do sexually. I find such direct questions and comments rude and disrespectful. I make it a point to never discuss sex on a personal level with persons I don’t know or haven’t known for some time. Still, over the past few years I’ve known of – or have met people who have been – and who are currently watching, listening, and reading what I write here or on Facebook or Twitter, often without me being aware. I’m not used to such…attention. It was because of such undue attention that made me reconsider time and again the decision to write this article about my pleasures of nudity. Truthfully, I’ve kept delaying publishing it/posting this article out of concern that I might be attracting more attention than I’m prepared to handle. For months I’d been conflicted on what to do but, since you’re reading this, you know that I’ve decided to cast such concerns aside and see what, if any, reaction is going to be. Again, welcome to the mind and realism that is RobFather-X!

Nudity: An Expression of Personal Freedom, Sexiness –
By my perception and definition, the desire and enjoyment of being nude is simply an expression – or more specifically, my expression of personal physical freedom and sexiness. Nudity can be sexy and can be an expression of sexiness but it does not imply or mean that one will act or do anything sexual simply by lack of wearing clothing or the removal of some or all clothing. In my case, there are moments when I do not want to wear certain things like shoes and socks or a shirt. There are times when I want to remove any clothing considered restrictive or uncomfortable on my skin or body. Often that means removing everything from it. This doesn’t mean that I hate wearing clothing – quite the contrary! It simply means that I have moments when I’d rather not wear any clothing. I’m sure there’s some fancy medical term for people like me. I’m a person one who takes every available opportunity to wear as little as possible. The opportunities often range from feeling as if I’m wearing less-restrictive clothing – e.g., flip-flops, shorts, tank-tops/sleeveless t-shirt and freeballing (to “freeball” is to not wear under garments like briefs or boxers – or for women, panties), to wearing absolutely nothing at all whenever I can – especially if the feeling to be clothing-free occurs to me. For example, I don’t like having my cock and balls restricted; which is why I often freeball when wearing jeans, dark-colored khakis or summer shorts. Sometimes I might wear a dress-style jockstrap to keep my schlong in place. When I decide to wear undergarments – or as a matter of social decency because I’m attending some business or formal function, my underwear of choice is boxer shorts. Over the years of my life, I’ve owned and worn briefs, bikini briefs and boxer briefs. I still own a few pairs of boxer-briefs but rarely wear them as they, like the briefs worn decades ago, can become uncomfortable. As I write this, I’m recalling past conversations with my brethren who say they cannot freeball without getting hard (having an erection). I understand that completely. Freeballing does take some getting used to before it becomes second nature to the point when you’ve “trained” your dick to behave itself. Perhaps someday I’ll write a short article on how a guy can get used to freeballing. It just might prove useful! Other examples of nude freedom would be: sleeping nude, spending a day being semi or completely nude (usually after my shower) or shedding my shoes and socks at work or in the car (or bus), if I’m to be on the road for long distance trips lasting a few hours or more. Of course, I have enough sense – and decency to know when and where to take off certain clothing so don’t worry about me showing at some grocery or convenience store wearing a trench coat and flip-flops.

Love of Nudity: Started At Young Age –
I cannot recall when I first felt clothing to be restrictive but I do remember that in my pre-teens, whenever I would go to bed, I’d often sneak and take off my pajamas or briefs the moment I was under the covers – and when I thought my [first foster] mother was no longer going to check in on me. I was around age 9 or 10, (around the same time when I began masturbating).  I remember how comfortable I felt being naked under the covers. I’m sure my mother knew what I was doing, as I recall the occasional comments she made about how I’d always kicked off the covers when I slept.  Yet she never once scolded me for those nights when I “caught” me nude-sleeping. What a kool lady!

When it comes to one being nude it does not nor should it matter if a person is skinny, fat or just “average-looking” (like me).  People who enjoy nudity come in all shapes and sizes.  If you feel comfortable being naked, go for it! This is why nude beaches and naturalist colonies are so popular. Such places however, are only for people who appreciate the beauty of the human body – with all its flaws. It is for those people who enjoy the freedom and comforts of nudity and who are able to respect others being nude.  Mind you, such places require a certain degree of decorum which must be observed at all times. That’s not to say horny people shouldn’t participate in naturist colonies or gatherings – by all means, please do! Just be… kool! I suggest going to such places with Black couple, nudesexually mature, adult people; those persons whom you know will conduct themselves sensibly and with respect. By the way fellas:  getting a boner on a nude beach is perfectly natural (and may even serve as a compliment to some people) and occasionally is seen – even on public beaches. Don’t worry about it! After awhile, you’ll lose the boner anyway as your mind would soon be focused on simply relaxing and enjoying the warm sun and the sound of the waves hitting the beach.  Again, just be… kool – and respect yourself and others. Before long, going to nude beaches will no big deal since your dick will know not to rise to attention at the sight of other nude bodies.

[Article continues with The Freedom of Nudity (Part 2 of 2) here.]

Keepin’ It…REAL!

15 thoughts on “The Freedom of Nudity (Part 1 of 2)

  1. Quite entertaining and honest. … I’ve been Free-balling for years and I love it. I don’t own any underwear, an barely wear T-shirts so, It’s nice to know I am not alone. I also enjoyed reading this post, I found many similarities at how we do things but … I don’t think I’ve developed the fineness you have handling the attention. Bravo! … or a such a unique writing style.

  2. As a practicing social nudist, this is one of the best, honest and totally accurate manifestos of what social nudity truly is for many people. Great post! Excellent job!

  3. Thanks for this excellent post. I am amazed that my evolution (still in progress) toward fully embracing and living nude as much as possible is so similar to yours. I can’t wait to read part 2.

    • If you want to let it hang all out then all means because like you said RobFather you made not have the perfect body but at least you take care of yourself. And I do also have an average type body but at least I feel sexy to be naked.

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