Happy Birthday to My Son!

HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS to you, my wonderful son!

You were born this date and day – Friday, March 22, 1996, seventeen years ago, at 12:39pm EDT/1:39pm ADT (Atlantic Daylight Time) in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I will never forget the day or time because I remember looking at my watch the very moment you entered the world. I don’t think anyone but me remembers the exact time of your birth.

I was there, son: to cut the cord from your mother, the first to look at you, and the first to hold you in my arms as your beautiful, big brown eyes looked up at me. You barely made a sound as we looked at each other in recognition and awe. I knew then that our bond was good, and would be solid and sealed in God’s love.

One of the most important tasks as your father is to use my experience to prepare and guide you in dealing with the challenges of life, the many prejudices and unpredictable actions of the people in this world, and to show that dignity, integrity, respect and love triumphs over all things. I shall continue in that endeavor as I continue to love you as I have always loved you!

My son, as long as The Creator gives me breath, I shall be here for you.  When my time comes to pass from the physical into the spiritual plane of existence, I shall still be with you. You are my wonderful son, in whom I am deeply proud and well pleased. I am greatly blessed and privileged to be your father.

 May you enjoy this day – which also, is my special day! May all the days of your young charted life continue to bring love, joy, peace, safety and happiness. Have a very happy and wonderful birthday!

 I love you!

~ Dad (201303:22)

Keepin’ It…REAL!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to My Son!

  1. HANDSOME…hehehe. Rob, good job sir. Happy birthday to your son…..may he have many more.

  2. What a wonderful and loving tribute. I’m sure your son’s heart will smile and his Spirit will soar when he reads your words. Too many sons will never get to hear these words spoken by their fathers. Thank you for making a difference. And Happy Birthday to your beautiful son!

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