Maturity Assessment in Facebook (Pt. 3)

[Retrieved from The Hardline According to RobFather-X (series) 2013]

I laugh at and lose respect for people in the “real” world and on Funnybook who, in a heated discussion or a differing of opinions, get angry, feel disrespected and feel the need to resort to name-calling, accusations of me “bashing” them, and using their failing ability to send me to Hell. Such people invalidate any points they wanted me to consider and lose what little respect I might have had for their opinions. You don’t have to agree with me. I’m kool with that. Likewise, I don’t have to agree you. But you will never find me calling you a name. (Unless of course, I feel you are being racist or bigoted. That’s the one thing I won’t let anyone get away with.) You won’t find me ever telling you to “fuck off” or to “go to Hell”. First, I take that as a personal attack, one which is totally uncalled for. I will jump out of any conversation where someone tells me to “fuck off”. I simply don’t need to endure that kind of disrespect. Second, I don’t have the ability or power to send anyone to Hell, nor do I want it. There are indeed far better abilities and powers I’d like to have and, when I get them, would use them for MY benefit than waste them on people who show themselves off as arrogant and ignorant assholes.
Two things everyone should know about me right now (if you haven’t known it before):

  1. I do not – and I outright refuse – to argue on Funnybook, although if I make an initial post about something, I reserve the right to get the last word. Depending on the discussion however, I will probably yield that right. I’m simply that kool.
  2. If you resort to name-calling and nastiness either in the “real” world or on Funnybook, you WILL lose any respect I might have had for you and all of your stated opinions.

Don’t let your anger make you look stupid. If you feel that you are so right on an issue then you should show it by conducting yourself with a sense of intelligence, dignity, maturity and class towards those who disagree with you. If that is too hard to do then perhaps you should not be a participant in any intelligent conversations. Otherwise, I will always appear smarter than you on all levels and you, my friend, will only look like a shitty piece of shit in my eyes.
Choose your poison.
(Originally posted in The Hardline According to RobFather-X (series) 2013 on 201301:17.)
My Facebook friend, author Michael A. Lewis was right on point in this assessment:

“Many people are hypersensitive and never learned the art of conversation. So many don’t understand that an opinion is not arguable, nor is an opinion a matter of right or wrong. It is a personal viewpoint culled from that person’s experiences and thoughts. 

Also these same people think that if they express an opinion and your opinion is not identical to theirs then they quickly go into attack mode trying to tell you that you are wrong for your position(because in their self-righteousness they have decided their opinion is the universal truth). Likewise the same people feel that when you express an opinion that differs from theirs then they take it as a challenge when it isn’t.

Now, the way a conversation is SUPPOSED to go is like this:

  • Topic Question
    • Person A responds with their opinion.
    • Person B responds with their opinion.
    • Person C responds with their opinion.

This is NOT how it is supposed to go:

  • Topic Question
    • Person A responds.
    • Person B responds.
    • Person C Responds to Person A’s opinion telling them their opinion is wrong.
    • Person A responds in defense of their position.
    • Person C has no valid response so they resort to attacking person A’s knowledge, education,
    • looks, personality, etc.

Result: Chaos and F–kery!”
Thanks Mike. I love it!  Now, let’s hope people get the message!
Readers, check out the Michael A. Lewis Experience at his Facebook page here:

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