Maturity Assessment in Facebook (Pt. 2)

[Retrieved from The Hardline According to RobFather-X (series) 2013]

The DOWNside to social media outlets –
In no particular order, social media outlets (like Facebook), is a place where there are always people who:

  • are extremely sensitive or so psychologically “thin-skinned” to the opinions/points of view made by others that they would misconstrue (or intentionally misconstrue) the slightest comment, or a single word or phrase from the comment itself;
  • often are so vain, they tend to believe that every comment made in the negative has to be about them;
  • are highly defensive against any negative or disparaging comments or remarks said about a private person, a celebrity, a place, an occupation, a thing or some political and/or religious position;
  • love to dictate to others what they deemed to be morally right and wrong;
  • would rather take time to argue and/or cuss out a person, particularly those persons to whom they have never spoken or met;
  • would attempt to always get the last word – especially when it is very obvious that they are wrong;
  • have the amazingly self-given (yet failing) “power” to command other people to go to Hell; (Read what I have to say about people “sending” others to Hell here.)
  • would bring up an old or dead subject or issue (I consider such people to be lonely and miserable);
  • want their points of view read and acknowledged but whose own vanity prohibits them from ever reading the COMPLETE comment of another person before drawing conclusions; (I call such people “lazy readers” and “know-it-alls”)
  • who claim to believe in free speech but will usually be the first to judge another person’s comment or remark as being “too long”/ “too long to read” or “too offensive”, often going as far as to suggest what the author could have said or should have said instead. (This is a serious major peeve of mine!)
  • are incapable of simply ignoring any status, comment or pictures made/posted by others which may be offensive or disagreeable. (Some things in the world CAN be ignored, you know!)
  • fail to [or won’t try to] understand, let alone – respect, the points of view of others;
  • who pretend to be more than they actually are (or worse, pretend to be someone else);
  • are willing to mind-phuck someone online whom they may/may not have ever met – simply for nefarious reasons;
  • are so immature, that losing a debate on an issue is enough to warrant the childish action of removing the offending person from their friend’s list. (Exception: I can support this action IF the offending person was disrespectful in some manner; otherwise, there will always be someone who disagrees with another person’s opinion or point of view.)

I’m sure anyone reading this can add to the list; it is not conclusive because everyone has his/her own personal experiences and frustrations with social media outlets. These simply are mine. I’ve been doing online social media long before many users of Funnybook were born, let alone even knew what a computer or social media is; going as far back as the early 1980’s! Try to understand when I say that sometimes, I just what to lose it and give certain people a piece of my mind! This is often why I intentionally decide to use expletives (of which I have an excellent command) in some of my comments. If I could launch a computer virus to the systems of people who REALLY piss me off or who I think are stupid, I certainly would not hesitate to do it!
(Originally posted in The Hardline According to RobFather-X (series) 2013 on 201302:12.)
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