Maturity Assessment in Facebook (Pt. 1)

[Retrieved from The Hardline According to RobFather-X (series) 2013]

I am quickly coming to the mindset that I may have to place an age restriction on whom I decide will continue to be a member or be approved for membership on my Funnybook [Facebook] friends list. I have tried to ignore the signs, however while it has always been obvious to me, I am constantly reminded that there are those there who do not now – nor will they ever – have the experience of life – and of the world – to the degree which I have. Sure, some there might have some formal, informal and perhaps a street education and knowledge similar to my own but none of it will ever compare or compete with mine. There are people there who lack the maturity, the tactfulness, the class, the honor, the self-discipline and a sense to “move the fuck on” when it is clearly necessary. There are people there whose egos are larger than their sex organs and whose feelings are much too fragile and sensitive for my tastes and tolerance. I consider such people to be petty children; petty little boys and little girls compared to me, a grown man of 52 years.

For seventeen years, I have raised a son – a task which continues and which I very much enjoy doing. Long before his birth I was actively involved in the raising, disciplining and guidance of the sons and daughters of other men (U.S. Navy). I can easily recognize bruised egos and “know-it-all” attitudes when I see it – whether they be written, spoken or silent. I have no desire or patience to deal with the minds of children – especially on Facebook. My patience for tolerating people of certain ages and backgrounds has worn thin. I’m simply too grown, too intelligent and (definitely too damn sexy) for immature people who fail to keep up with me, won’t try to understand, tolerate and/or respect my points of view – even if they disagree. I am “over qualified” for such people, which in effect, makes them underqualified to deal with me.

On my side I have age, experience and a vast knowledge of certain things which little boys and girls cannot begin to comprehend – not until they’ve pulled their heads out of their asses. My most pleasant debates and “heated” yet friendly arguments have only been with those who are mature, have “been around the block” of life a few times, who carry the scars of actual experience (and it shows in the way they comment) and who know how to peacefully agree-to-disagree on just about any issue or, at the very least, stay the fuck out of commenting on a subject altogether.

I have to admit that most (not all) of the people with whom I enjoy social interaction are those who are in their 30’s and up. There are only a few people in their mid-to late 20’s who closely qualify as being part of my social enjoyment on Facebook and in the “real world”. All the rest fall into the group of those people who irritate the fuck out of me with their childish behavior; they will be closely scrutinized from now on.

If anyone on my Facebook friends list feels that I am “over qualified” to be their Facebook friend, I want them to please save me the trouble of having to friendectomize their name from my friends list. Let’s both cut the bullshit and be real and fair about whom we each choose to spend time with in the Facebook social forum.
(Originally posted in The Hardline According to RobFather-X (series) 2013 on 201303:14.)
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3 thoughts on “Maturity Assessment in Facebook (Pt. 1)

    • Learning to agree to disagree with another person takes a bit of a challenge. I find myself trying to ward off an argument with this statement and action to show that i mean it. Sometimes, it gets pass me, and i pause, when i do it comes to me to shut this down by agreeing to disagree.
      What may be truth to you may not be another persons truth and therefore is a reason for an agreement to disagree. Giving respect to one another.
      I have found times, where i thought i was so right and i was not. So, rather than a heated discussion that would cause great confusion, agreement to disagree is a choice i make many times. Not always, but more times than not.

      • Thanks for reading, Felecia.
        As for “heated discussion”, I should inform you (and others reading this comment) that my blog is the one place where I do not [have to] allow for debate or discussion with a reader nor do I allow readers to engage in some debate or discussion with other readers. My blog is the one place where I can rightfully and selfishly determine whether to accept, reject or in rare cases, ignore a reader’s comment. I’m sure other blogs/bloggers may allow for debate/discussion of articles but as a rule, I do not. Thus is the beauty of having a blog!
        (1) I believe a blog – regardless of its content, to be that which it is intended and designed by the creator-author to be: a personal website or webpage on which a person records his or her opinions, thoughts and/or ideas. It is an on-line personal diary, log or accounting of certain content posted by the author; one which said author simply wishes to share with selected readers or with the world via the World Wide Web. The author should always feel able to freely express whatever is on his or her mind in that blog without the need to censor and/or cater its content to suit the sensitivities, feelings, social etiquette or politically correct expectations of potential readers.
        (2) Debate and discussion in a blog is something in which I neither have the desire nor the time to referee or moderate. Moderation usually involves the blog author [me] to ensure that such debate/discussion stays on point or worse, does not develop or evolve into some nasty and possibly disrespectful argument – something which I simply do not allow.
        I always appreciate readers and their pleasant comments to any of the content published on my blogs

        Again, thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

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