The Kilpatrick-Ferguson story

[Retrieved from The Hardline According to RobFather-X (series) 2013]

The Kilpatrick-Ferguson story – and its ending – (story here) is a sad testament to Black men and Black people in America but specifically to the good citizens of Detroit, Michigan. (I live in Saginaw; a mere two hours away from D-town.)  As a Black man, I don’t feel bad.

Both former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his buddy, city contractor Bobby Ferguson were/are men who had the intelligence – more than many people their age – and background – to simply do the right thing! Instead, each chose to make their talents all about themselves. Sure; nothing wrong with personal ambition. However, when you know full well what you are going to do is wrong and/or that it will hurt others and yet you choose to deceive and/or fuck up anyway, knowing or perhaps ignoring all the extra work and effort it will require to cover up that INTENTIONAL deceit and fuck-up, then I say, you’ve made your own bed of extra-sharp nails and you should rest as best you can ON it!

I feel no sympathy for either man, particularly none for Kwame Kilpatrick! None! And God-forbid, if President Barack Obama ever chooses to fuck up this way – or worse, then what I’ve just said about these two men will also apply to him! This is all about a sense of LOYALTY, TRUST and BETRAYAL. The persons we elect were SPECIALLY chosen to represent us. We, as their constituents, were LOYAL to them and we TRUSTED them. How dare they BETRAY us!

Therefore, just as I do with people in my personal life, I shall also continue to do with those in the political arena who have fucked up and betrayed me: I shall be done with them! Once you have compromised my sense of loyalty and trust, you have BETRAYED me! I am so done with you! Get your asses far away from me!”

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