My Views on Religion* (Pt. 2)

*Another presentation in the KIR continuing series of articles of the Steppin’ On The Feet Jesus Washed (SOTFJW) Project-Mission!
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Honestly, I tried to resist the urge to comment on those “Jesus-died-for-your-sins” pictures I see posted on Funnybook [Facebook] but sometimes I just can’t. While I believe in God, I simply stopped believing in, subscribing to and spreading what I’ve been calling the “myth“; the story of a God whom people say “knows and understands suffering” but will allow millions of people to suffer! One person commented on Funnybook that “suffering comes from disobedience” to which I say, “Get the fuck out of here!

I know the Bible (which Man wrote) says that Man (meaning Adam) was disobedient, therefore Adam and everyone after him has to be made to suffer. Suffer what? Suffer why? It’s the old “the sin of the one must be paid by the suffering of the many” shtick.  Let me put it another way: the god of Man’s bible is like the old-fashioned (and ineffective) military commander who, in an attempt to get everyone in the unit in line and build unit cohesion, would punish the entire unit for the fuck-up of just one man in that unit! That kind leadership tactic only works a few times in the beginning of building a unit; it never works after the unit is already working as a team!  Punishing the entire team for the fuck-up of one person only builds resentment against the leader. As a military leader of 20 years, I know well what I’m talking about!

More than 30 years ago, I wised up and stopped believing that any omnipotent, omniscient deity could ever invoke such an eternal punishment on his children then feel it necessary to take human form, play the fraud of a true human male for thirty-odd years and later pretend to “suffer” being nailed to a tree just so a “ransom for the sins of Man (Adam)” could be paid. Where exactly did sin come from in the first place? Did not the god in Man’s bible start this whole sin and disobedience shit in the first place? On top of that, the same all-knowing, all-powerful, yet all-loving deity would also have a place called Hell (just in case or as a permanent punishment) to damn (read: forever hide and punish) those who refused to buy the “greatest story ever told” about the deity coming down to earth and doing all that other stuff just mentioned. It sounds too much like the mythical god Zeus (aka Jupiter) who often would come down from Mount Olympus disguised in human form and walked among men and women doing whatever the fuck he wanted. Anyway, I stopped buying into that sin, disobedience, suffering and salvation bullshit decades ago. There are people who say to me, “Oh, I would not want to take a chance and not believe that Jesus came and died for our sins…” Again I say, get the fuck out of here!

As a parent, I love my one son more than I love myself. I would gladly take on his suffering if it meant that he will not suffer. I would not want to father a child then, because he happens to fuck up on something that pissed me off, start to fuck with his life, let him endure suffering and other bullshit just so he could “pay for his disobedience or sin” against me. That is NOT love! I would not ever expect my son to respect me if I allowed him to suffer or if I continuously punished him like that. Sure, I would have the power and means to make my son fear me but there is no way I would ever EARN his respect and love. My son would simply be going through the motions … out of whatever he thinks or believes that I might do to him. It also would not be fair for me to make his children – my grandchildren – and their children’s children and so on down the line – pay for the one-time disobedience which their father had done to me years before they were born or thought ofNone of that is love! One cannot love that which one does not respect. RESPECT must come BEFORE love. It is never the other way around! Now, if I as a lowly, “sinful” mortal can realize how silly and wrong such a punishment would be regarding my “only begotten son”, why would an all-powerful, all-knowing god play such games with his creatures as if they were pawns on a chessboard? Unless of course, that is all any of us are to Him! And I have long since developed serious doubts about Jesus Christ being the “son” of a god who acts like that which I’ve just described.

Man’s bible says that God is not the author of confusion; that he does not lie and that He does not cause temptation. This would be a true statement for the god I believe in. However, for the god in Man’s bible – this is not true! For example, the god in Man’s bible did create temptation when he put a tree in the Garden of Eden and told Adam and Eve not to eat from it. That is the same as telling a child where the cookie jar is and instructing him not to eat from it. Anyone who knows anything about the mind of a child knows this is stupid since curiosity is part of the human psyche. Was there some level of stupidity on God’s part or was there a more nefarious plan in motion regarding that infamous tree?  (Oh-oh: I said “nefarious”- which implies the god in Man’s bible was evil.  I must be stepping hard on the feet Jesus washed right now!)

The god in Man’s bible tells Adam and Eve “they would die” if they ate of the tree. Well, why the fuck was there a forbidden tree to begin with? Of all the places on the new planet Earth, why create such an important thing, knowing it was going to be a tool instrumental for God’s children to be disobedient?  That makes no sense! Here’s where people would probably say, “God was testing Adam.” Ha! Right. Such answer implies that God had nothing else better to do than fuck with Adam’s head!  Was it necessary to put the “tree of knowledge” in the Garden of Eden then tell Adam that “everything upon the earth was Adam’s EXCEPT the tree of knowledge”? Why did the god in Man’s bible instruct Adam not to eat from it or else “he would die”?  Well, we all know Adam and Eve didn’t just fall down and die after that bite of the fruit but God did impose the requirement of Death on the two and on their descendants.  Is that the way a loving god treats the creatures that are his children? They make a mistake or disobey ONE time and BAM! Adam and Eve get cursed, marked, thrown out of the Garden, among other things, and every descendant of theirs is forever doomed to pay for that single disobedience and must die!  Once again, get the fuck out of here! That whole story makes the god in Man’s bible to be an absolute asshole!

According to Man’s bible, God was being vague when he told Adam and Eve that they would die if they ate of that special tree. Being vague is a form of being unclear in expressing a thought; it is a way of not telling the complete or accurate truth. If the god of Man’s bible is supposed to be Truth, then why was he being vague? Why did he not tell the complete truth to Adam and Eve? Why would God play them or mindphuck with Adam and Eve as though they would be afraid of knowing the truth? Again, here’s where people would probably say, “God was testing Adam. I say, it was lie – on the lowest level perhaps, but still… a LIE! In this instance, one could say that the god in Man’s bible told the first “white lie”. It might not have been a lie that Adam and Eve would eventually die but still, God could have said something to the effect of, “You and your children will lose your immortality if you disobey me.”  See? That sounds simple and clear to me! As any good parent would do, the consequences of disobedience are made clear so that there would be no misunderstanding. The god in Man’s bible should have also been very clear about the punishment Adam and Eve would receive if they disobeyed. Now, let’s not forget that Eve took the first bite of that forbidden fruit and gave some to Adam to eat.  Here is where we learned that Adam was the first Holy book disqualified as a source of moral codeever to pass blame when he told God that it was God’s fault for giving him the woman to entice and tempt Adam.  What Man’s bible does not say, is whether or not God was supreme enough to acknowledge and take full personal responsibility for not just giving Adam a curious  woman as his mate but for putting an object of curiosity and mystery in the Garden in the first place – knowing full well what would happen before it all happened! Man’s bible cannot be written to show that God made a mistake! No way! And so  this is where the whole forbidden tree/fruit story leads me into saying that the god in Man’s bible is indeed the author of temptation and the author of confusion. You don’t believe me? Re-read the preceding words again. Read the Book of Genesis. Read Man’s bible itself!  There are literally hundreds of examples where vagueness and temptation and confusion are presented. Every mythical story has these instances!  Yet it is always Man who is made to suffer and die because of the effects of these three characteristics. When the three are mixed with a certain degree of human curiosity, coupled with misunderstanding and misinterpretation, then the end result will always be miscommunication between Man and his Creator. It will result in Man interpreting what he thinks – and has come to believe his creator (and Redeemer – Jesus) “intended‘ and/or approves or disapproves. Think about this: Man interpreting the thoughts of Deity!  That is a very dangerous thing – and one which has been proven for generations – and continues being proven today! What would the world do if God actually edited Man’s bible? Find out by clicking here!

Spare me such biblical myths and stories about Jesus dying for my sins and how the god of Man’s bible hates certain things and understands human suffering. Don’t tell me that a god of love cares yet would allow many good and innocent people to suffer while many bad people get away with doing their dirt! “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord”. Really? Well, for some of us, that kind of karma is much too slow in coming! I could go on and on but I think I’ve made my point.  I’ve received more thrills from reading the ancient Greek and Roman myths, hundreds of comic books and those old Penthouse and Forum magazines – all of which seem more realistic than most of those stories written in Man’s bible. I know the great fantasy and the great myth will continue to be told from the “best-selling book of all time”.  However, I just don’t want to see it pushed at me on Funnybook — which may mean I’ll have to perform a friendectomy on my Funnybook friends list; removing  those people who push their religion on Funnybook.  I do not feel Funnybook [Facebook] is the place to push religion or even politics for that matter, seeing how much hate people spew against each other over a particular candidate. Like any social gathering, the two things best left out of public discussion, and  which will ensure a more pleasant harmony among everyone, is religion and politics. With that said, it looks like I will be friendectomizing my friends list after all. Fuck it; I’ve already started!

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