The Christopher Dorner Story: What Do You REALLY Know? – A Follow-up!

As I predicted would happen, people at the office “water cooler”, in online chat rooms and of course on Facebook, are NOW asking the“why” questions regarding the actions of highly intelligent former LAPD officer/killer Christopher Dorner.  I shake my head.  You know it frustrates me whenever I hear people say they “don’t care what document Dorner wrote, it still doesn’t justify his actions.”  Again, I shake my head. Did you know that many of the people saying things like that actually consider themselves smart and informed?  Get the fuck outta here! Why won’t such “know-so-damn-much” people bother to take a mere ten to fifteen minutes of their time from spewing uninformed rhetoric to read and mentally digest Dorner’s manifesto? How can they give pretense to know the mindset of Mr. Dorner? Well, I’m calling those people PUSSIES! Yes, they are pussies;  afraid to learn something new, afraid to be informed and afraid perhaps, to learn something about some of the people in whom they blindly place their faith each and every day:  the police force –whether it be in Los Angeles or in their own town.  Let me give such pussies – and perhaps a few others, a little education!

Check it (1): Had more people actually READ AND MENTALLY DIGESTED Mein Kampf, the book written by highly intelligent Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and which combines elements of autobiography with an exposition of Hitler’s political ideology (a manifesto, by definition), perhaps there would not have ever been a World War II.  [S/N: Volume 1 of Mein Kampf was published in 1925 and Volume 2 in 1926. Go read it!] Exception to the WWII reference is made for the war America would have surely had with Japan, who for reasons unrelated to Germany’s, attacked our shores in 1941. Think of the thousands of people – from every country involved in that great and tragic war, whose lives would have been spared!

Check it (2): Had more people READ AND MENTALLY DIGESTED the manifestos of many of the crazed serial killers over the past century, such as the one from another highly intelligent person named Theodore John “Ted” Kaczynski, also known as the “Unabomber“, a man who is an American terrorist, mathematician, social critic, anarchist, and Neo-Luddite, perhaps many more lives would have been sparred – to say nothing of the law-enforcement time and resources used to track down and capture him. In his manifesto, Industrial Society and Its Future (also called the “Unabomber Manifesto“), Kaczynski argued that his “bombings were extreme but necessary to attract attention to the erosion of human freedom necessitated by modern technologies requiring large-scale organization.” [S/N: Kaczynski continues to serve a life sentence without parole, in a supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. And to the know-it-alls, here’s a news flash: Adolf Hitler has been dead for nearly 70 years!]

A killer’s manifesto is a public declaration of his (or her) mindset. It usually gives specific detail as to who the target(s) is/are, what the killer intends to do, sometimes how the killer intends to execute his actions towards achieving his focused goal and most importantly the WHY of such actions. Such documents, which are carefully written, then sent to law enforcement and/or posted on the Internet, should NOT be blown off and/or ignored by police or by the public! Think of what one could learn about the person who sets himself on such a murderous rampage!

Now, to the know-it-alls who won’t bother to read any manifesto, I have this to say:

  • First, READING Dorner’s manifesto will personally cost you a lot less in time and resources, than the time taken to watch one of those hour-long TV crime shows. I’m talking no more than 10 to 15 minutes (20 minutes tops, for you slower readers – no offense).
  • Second, think of the many questions to which you would already have the answers as result of just reading (or listening, if the manifesto is recorded). Think of how much more informed you would be the next time you hear a report on the news or in some social discussion.
  • Finally, if you go around preaching to others that “you don’t need to read or listen to anything a serial killer has to say”  or “just to know what he is thinking”, then you are only showing yourselves to be SCARED and FEARFUL of learning more about the person(s) involved or about the situation itself!  Having such a know-it-all, cavalier, self-righteous attitude makes you appear and sound more like a fool and perhaps appear more dangerous in society than the person(s) actually threatening and taking lives! You are dangerous as far as giving misinformation and trying to influence the minds of others with misinformation and to your way of uninformed thinking!  Just as many of you had to do in school and college, it is best to shut the fuck up already and actually DO the homework! Only then can you return to the group of other people who actually did their homework and who actually know and understand what it is they are talking about!

I’ve been preaching to people for days to read the UNCENSORED Dorner manifesto. One does not necessarily need to feel sympathy or empathy for the man; ONLY TO BE INFORMED as to the WHY of his actions. Upon reading the Dorner manifesto, one may eventually came to feel some empathy…which would be perfectly natural and which should have little to no impact of any innate convictions and beliefs regarding your perception of right and wrong. In other words, you can probably come to understand the “why” of a given situation even if you do not necessary agree with the “why” of it! It’s no different from one having some feeling or desire to do certain things to bring about a sense of right or justice when a wrong has been made. While many of us may not always act on such feelings, we sometimes share such feelings with others in the hope that someone would show or express a certain degree of sympathy or empathy. This is the basic intent of a manifesto, people!  I hope I’m making some sense here for I cannot make clearer (especially to stubborn minds) my plea to READ Dorner’s manifesto.  Click here to read my article written and published before Dorner’s suspected and (as of this writing) unconfirmed demise.  My article contains links to the UNCENSORED version of Dorner’s fascinating manifesto.

Speaking of Dorner’s yet-to-be-confirmed demise let me give this warning:  As of this writing, several news outlets had been reporting that “police retrieved a charred body believed to be that of Christopher Dorner”. You might hear or read the media use well-known CYA (cover your ass) terms, “appears to be” or “believed to be” in their reports.  Dorner may in fact be dead. However, until the coroner and forensic scientists CONFIRM that the charred body pulled from that now destroyed Big Bear, California cabin is in fact, Christopher Dorner, police cannot close this case or declare with absolute certainty that they actually “got him”! In fact, it usually takes a few days for such a confirmation (by checking known dental records, etc), depending on the condition of the body. I suggest everyone following this case simply stand the fuck by for the final and official report on whether that body is in fact, Christopher Dorner.

I’ve been seeing people carelessly say shit like, “they hate the police”. Please; stop saying that! Your ass won’t hate police the instant you need them to come to your aid or to resolve some dispute or crime in your home! Admittedly, some police officers can have – or do have/carry an intimidating demeanor.  But remember: many of those brave men and women in uniform are simply doing a job.  The job of  a police officer is such that (in some cases) unless you have served in the National Guard, the Reserves or a branchpolice_shadow_figures_sized one of the U.S. armed forces, probably could not be done very well, let alone appreciated!  A police officer’s job is not easy. From the officer giving a simple traffic citation or directing traffic to the officer faced with a decision whether to fire his weapon with the intent to wound or to kill the person(s) firing back. So again, shut the fuck up with all the childish talk! Saying you “hate cops” or “hate the police” is (to me) the same as saying you hate the soldier or veteran who is serving or has served (as I have) to protect the freedoms we enjoy  – and for which many take for granted in this country. While one is Police officer-1paramilitary (the police force) and the other is actually a full-force military (our armed forces) both are regimented entities which have people who volunteer to do a job, who follow orders and who place their very lives on the line each and every day. However, both entities are just as capable of having their unique levels of corruption.  Now, I realize people are emotional about the Dorner case but please everyone; try to keep in mind that anything that is organized can, does and will likely have a certain degree of corruption. It is the nature of things made by Man. Mixed in with such corruption is the real good guys and the real heroes!  Try doing as a child who plays with toy soldiers would do: DO NOT bunch the “good guys” in with the “bad guys”.  It’s that simple – especially it is obvious as to who the “bad guys” are! If it isn’t obvious then investigate (which of course, would mean doing some R E A D I N G)!

Now please, take time to read my blog article, The Christopher Dorner Story: What Do You REALLY Know? Click the title link to get my prospective on the Dorner situation.  In the article, click on any one of the FOUR links to access Dorner’s UNCENSORED manifesto and….GET INFORMED. Once you do that, I’ll be willing to talk with you about this story!

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