The Christopher Dorner Story: What Do You REALLY Know?

There are people on Funnybook and in the “real world” making certain judgments (and even jokes) about Mr. Dorner, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and Dorner’s killing spree. What do such people know about this situation? What do YOU know about Christopher Dorner or why he did what he did and is doing what he set out to do?
Let’s look at five things to consider about this situation:

First: Let’s get something very clear:  Murder, killing sprees and the taking of innocent lives is never, ever funny!  STOP with the fucking jokes!  The person(s) who is shot and killed either in a cross-fire battle between police and Dorner or who is hurt or killed because of some mistaken identity by the police (or Dorner himself) is NOTHING to make light of or joke about!  The next person harmed or killed could very well be a friend or relative or someone else you know. This isn’t some video game or movie. Cut the bullshit and grow the fuck up!

Second: I strongly suggest that one take the time to READ Dorner’s (uncensored) manifesto before reading any media reports!  If you are already “in the know” about this situation but you did not read Dorner’s manifesto, there is no way you could possibly or reasonably understand the “why” of Dorner’s actions! The manifesto is long and will explain much of what you probably will not hear in the news.  For some of you, it might take ten to twelve minutes (or less) to read the entire thing; others it might take at least a good fifteen minutes, due to Dorner’s excessive use and cross-reference of military (Navy) and paramilitary (police) jargon and acronyms.  If you are what I’d call a “lazy reader” who might feel that the manifesto is “too long to read” and make the decision not to read it then I suggest that reasonable caution be exercised when tempting to make certain judgments about what you will hear or read reported about Dorner’s background, personal life and mindset. Again, I am NOT condoning this man’s actions but I would be lying if I said that I did not understand some of his reasons. Again, read Dorner’s manifesto!

Third: If you look at certain recent and historical social occurrences in America, particularly as they relate to known and reported corruption issues in some police and law-enforcement agencies – you might be challenged to wonder why this sort of thing has not happened more frequently. Hollywood has certainly made movies about “the man who reaches his psychological breaking point and just snaps”.  I am not going to give examples of such movies here due to the ongoing gun control issue, the rampant loss of lives still happening around the country at a lesser – but still equally tragic level and because the Dorner situation is a “happening now” real-life situation. Another reason I am not going to name such movies is because I know there is at least a one sick fuck reading this article who will swear they know enough about me to try make the incorrect and baseless assumption that I support Dorner’s actions.  Nothing could be further from the truth about me. To that reader, I say: Fuck off!  To everyone else, I say: follow this story closely – but ONLY AFTER YOU READ DORNER’S MANIFESTO!  (click here)

Fourth: This is not an issue of race! Lay aside any bigotry you have and look at the bigger picture!

Finally:  Pray for the safety of the innocent… and pray for Dorner too; that he is captured using ONLY reasonable force (if possible) and is treated with the kind of justice that YOU would want given should you ever reach a psychological breaking point. This is still America.

Christopher Dorner is a highly trained, well-skilled, very intelligent man who feels he has lost everything and has nothing more to lose.  Read his manifesto and he will tell you that himself! He should not be underestimated. Any man with a “nothing to lose” mindset is indeed, a very dangerous man.

***Read the FOLLOW-UP to this story HERE.

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