There Go My (Comic Book) Heroes!

There goes my hero
Watch him as he goes
There goes my hero
He’s ordinary
Chorus to My Hero by Foo Fighters from their 1997 album, The Color and The Shape

NEWS FLASH! Two of Marvel comics’ most masculine heroes, Hercules and Wolverine, embrace and share a…a… KISS!
“What the fuck??!!?? Say it ain’t so, RobFather!!”

Well yes, faithful reader: it’s true! The picture shown is real…but only in an ALTERNATE universe/dimension… and this scene happens in Marvel’s X-Treme X-Men issue No. 10. (See the comic book news blog Bleeding Cool for more info.) For those who don’t follow comic books or who sometimes keep tabs on their favorite comic book characters, the Hercules and Wolverine characters in this alternate universe are part of a PARALLEL dimension; DO NOT confuse them with the popular and much-loved Hercules and Wolverine of “our” universe/dimension. Fans of these popular comic book heroes can now relax. [Sighs of relief fill the room]  Oh, and you haters of anyone gay or bisexual in fiction and non-fiction literature can relax as well.  [More sighs of relief fill the room] I can already “hear” some you saying, “GAY! GAY! GAY! Everybody’s GAY!! Dammit!”  Yeah, I hear your bigotry loud and clear. You have a right to feel the way you do but remember: THIS BLOG IS A NO HATE ZONE therefore, kindly refrain from making any nasty comments here that might be perceived as hatred towards the hardworking comic book story writers and artists who simply make a living by their expression of art imitating life. Get over it and get over yourselves.
Ok! Now that the ground rule has been reaffirmed, let me continue.

In this alternate universe, both Hercules and Wolverine are bisexual men which obviously mean that while both of these men are emotional and sexually attracted to men, they also are attracted to women in the same manner. Bisexuality is simply a special blessing given by the Creator to certain people to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of both genders; nothing more, nothing less. (Click here to read my article on bisexuality). I think its fuckin’ kool that Marvel took this daring step with these particular two very masculine characters.  Doing so helps break down the public stereotype that most or all gay or bisexual men are effeminate. Nothing could be further from the truth!  You’d be surprised at how many masculine men are gay or bisexual or how many feminine women, for that matter are gay or bisexual. And by the way: whenever you meet people, try to dismiss the general assumption that every masculine man or feminine woman is “straight” or is “100 percent” heterosexual because that certainly is not the case.

Referring back to my comment about “hearing the bigotry” of haters of gay and bisexual characters in fiction, perhaps it’s best if I gave a brief history on the more-open introduction of gay and bisexual characters in mainstream comic books, not just for the haters of gay and bisexual people but for readers who aren’t at all into comic books. (See? I try to think about the needs of everyone!)

Sexuality and Comic books (1) –
First, any mention of homosexuality in mainstream United States comics was forbidden by the Comics Code Authority (CCA) from the code’s  first inception in 1954 until 1989. The Comics Code Authority was formed in 1954 by the Comics Magazine Association of America (CMAA), to allow the comic publishers to self-regulate the content of comic books in the U.S. It was formed as an alternative to government regulation. Consider what the country had going on at the time of the code’s inception. It was the period of the second Red Scare, a time more popularly known as McCarthyism. A lot people were scared to let their imagination, certain thoughts, feelings or expressions about sexuality and other forms of free-thinking run wild for fear of being seen as unpatriotic, lacking certain religious values and convictions and/or a Communist.  Anyway, members of the CMAA submitted comics to the CCA, which screened them for adherence to its Code, then authorized the use of their seal on the cover if the book was found to be in compliance. Nearly everyone reading this article can recall seeing that ugly black and white stamp on the upper corner of a mainstream comic book. At the height of its influence, the CCA was a de facto censor for the U.S. comic book industry. (Click here to learn more about the Comics Code Authority).

Second, with the death of the Comics Code Authority in January 2011, Marvel Comics was one of – if not the first, main comic book publishing company to lead the way in either introducing LGBT characters or revealing the sexuality of certain highly popular characters. When I say “reveal”, I mean that in reality, a part of the mythos of certain characters was modified or re-written to bring the character “up to date” (which is standard practice in general comic book writing) in order to reflect the current times.  Aside from the person who created the character (and anyone else who owns the rights to that character), I do not know who else is involved in the decision-making process of selecting exactly which character(s) is going to be homosexual, bisexual or even asexual in a series.

Finally, for decades many people just assumed that all or at least certain comic book characters were heterosexual or “straight” … just like most people in the real world tend to do regarding the sexual orientation of other real people. If most comic book readers were like me – before puberty, and later during puberty, then the sexual orientation of ANY character barely even came to mind nor did it matter much. (Ahhh, the simple innocence of just reading a comic book story without giving any regard to the ethnicity, religious, political or sexual flavoring of the characters. Those were the days!)  Anyway, during puberty many males (I can’t speak for females) tend to look for certain things sexual in their comic books. This is perfectly natural. Looking for things sexual in any form of literature doesn’t necessarily mean that guys will masturbate to those things considered sexual, especially from a comic book, although there are many guys who do. There’s no shame in that. Keep in mind that certain art work depictions of male and/or female characters and/or related storylines do tend to trigger or enhance a male’s masturbatory fantasies.
Try to remember two important things about this statement:

  • Genetically, men are wired to be sexually aroused by visual stimulation. (I’ll write more about men and masturbation in a future blog article)
  • Guys who are stimulated by a male character depiction in comic books do NOT necessarily give or imply any suggestion to the reader’s actual sexual orientation. Many males (young men in particular) look at other men in comic books, magazines on television, the movies and the internet for inspiration and motivation for understanding, building and shaping their own bodies and to resemble the men featured in such media. Dads should understand this but moms need not panic should they ever notice young Tommy staring at non-sexual and non-pornographic pictures of men.

Sexuality and Comic books (2) –
The Hercules & Wolverine gay story line isn’t the first time Marvel, DC or other comic book publishing companies had ever featured LGBT characters and/or storylines. In fact, there are hundreds of titles in recent years that feature gay and/or bisexual characters which are published by mainstream comic publishers like Marvel and DC.  Several independent comic book publishing companies feature adult-oriented comic books for mature readers. Such comics feature heavy use of graphic language, sexual activity and/or gore, among other things. Then there are comics that feature nothing but gay and bisexual characters and storylines. And yes; those comics are pornographic in nature as they do contain images of graphic sexual activity. Today, there is something for just about everyone in the world of comic books – either in print, on-line or in digital format for downloading.

Here are examples of gay characters featured by two of the major and most well-known comic book publishing companies, Marvel and DC:

  • Northstar. In 1992, some 21 years ago, Marvel Comics revealed that Jean-Paul Beaubier, code-named Northstar of the Canadian mutant team Alpha Flight (Marvel Comics’ Canadian version of America’s X-Men) to be gay. To this day, Northstar still carries the title as being the first openly gay character in comic book history! Over the years, there were alternate universe stories (under the Ultimate Marvel universe series) where Northstar and the X-Men’s Colossus (Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin) dated. Sometime later, Marvel featured a series featuring Northstar dating his Black boyfriend Kyle Jinadu.  In 2012, Northstar married Kyle in one of the first gay and interracial weddings in comic book history! Talk about milestones!
  • The Rawhide Kid. The Rawhide Kid, whose real name was Johnny Bart (but originally given as Johnny Clay) was a fictional 19-century American Old West heroic gun-fighter who was wanted as an outlaw. The Rawhide Kid debuted in the mid-1950’s under Atlas Comics, the predecessor to Marvel Comics. The comic was a 16-issue series that ran from March 1955 to September 1957. After a short hiatus, Marvel Comics took over the comic in 1960. Without any break in series continuity, Marvel ran the comic (starting from issue No. 17) August 1960 to May 1979. The late 1960’s up to the last issue in 1979 was the period when I read and collected the comic. During the 1950’s to its last series issue in 1979, Rawhide Kid was not a gay character nor was any indication given as to what his sexual orientation might be. Remember what I said about comic book story innocence; normally that specific characteristic wasn’t given much, if any thought when I was boy/teenager. When I read the comic, thoughts of Rawhide Kid’s sexuality certainly never entered my mind. After the end of the series, The Rawhide Kid would, over the years, would make guest appearances in other comic books published by Marvel or be featured in a miniseries. Skipping directly to 2003, the character was again “over hauled”- this time, changing his mythos to be a gay character and featured in a controversial five-issue miniseries targeted mainly for adult readers. Each comic in the series had a “Parental Advisory Explicit Content” warning label on its cover. The Rawhide Kid had become the first gay lead character to get his own comic book.
  • Not to be outdone, Marvel’s rival, DC Comics has done a good job in their own introduction and changing up the mythos of some its own characters. In 2006, Batwoman came out as a lesbian. In 2012, it was revealed that the original/Golden Age comic book hero Green Lantern (Alan Scottnot Hal Jordan, as many had mistakenly assumed) would be featured as a gay man on DC’s alternate universe called Earth 2. Of course, DC had to re-write certain things about Alan Scott, including restoring his youth.DC Comics logo
  • DC’s former Justice League of America member Obsidian had been re-written as being the son of Alan Scott (the Golden Age Green Lantern – and prior to the rewrite of GA-GL). Later in 2006 (under new writers) Obsidian was “confirmed” to be a gay character.

There are so many “alternate universe/dimension” stories that it would take far too much time for me to explain them all here, let alone keep each of them straight AND STILL maintain your interest in this article, therefore I simply won’t discuss them. I’ll leave it up to you to do the research. Good luck with that! Seriously, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

Readers, if you decide to do the research, remember what I said earlier about comic book publishing companies re-writing, changing or modifying a character’s origin and general mythos. Their intent is to keep a particular character alive and current with the times. I’ve gotten into a few friendly debates with my teenage son over the mythos of certain characters. I will always remember the original storylines, origin and mythos of certain comic book characters while he just knows what the storyline writers and publishers are giving in today’s comic books – as well as the movie plots for the same characters. My son can only give me so much of an argument because he fondly recalls me telling him the origins of certain characters as I remember them, years before when he was a boy. Therefore, while he and I will always have a playful stalemate debate on this subject, he does have an exceptional advantage over some of his peers whose own fathers or older brothers never shared such original stories.

Don’t be surprised if someday the decades-long and much joked-about sexually ambiguous relationship between Batman and Robin (aka Bruce Wayne and batman-and-robinDick Grayson, respectively) is FINALLY written as the two being on some alternate Earth where they are (or were) in fact, in some hot, steamy gay relationship.  Indeed, comic books are all fiction and, just like any fictional story, anything is possible! (Although, I’ll bet Batman creator, the late Bob Kane might not approve!)

If you are as into comic books as I am – or perhaps more truthfully I should say, “once was(since my being an adult with a job and other responsibilities and interests, I cannot always stay on top of everything in the world of comic books as before), might I suggest that you be willing to let your imagination go with the creator/writer of a character… no matter how much you think you now know or remember about that character. Trust me when I say that you’ll either find the revamped character to be interesting or you’ll decide that you’d much rather stick with the “good old original” mythos for the sake of nostalgia. Either way is fine.

Finally, a few words of advice to the older male and female readers of comic books:

  • Never aggressively knock or argue the new or modified mythos of old characters written for today. Those storylines are written and targeted primarily for the younger generation. It is now their time to enjoy comics in their own way.
  • Never say to a young reader, “That’s not the way it happened”, or “That storyline is wrong”. Instead, offer to share with them an alternative origin – the one you are already quite familiar with! Many young readers often find alternative beginnings and endings fascinating – especially if such stories are told in an exciting manner! One of the reasons I became hooked on comics (since I could first read) was because some old guy shared his knowledge of certain stories with me.

I’m not as much a collector or reader of comics as I used to be. However my love, interest and fascination of comic book characters – old and new, clean or dirty (sexually speaking) and stories written on the “what if” or the alternative platform (as with this Hercules and Wolverine gay storyline) has never diminished. It all helps me to maintain a certain attachment to my youth and I find it very refreshing that with certain characters I loved, writers are willing to keep up with the times.

Read more about the Hercules and Wolverine kiss here:

Keepin’ It…REAL!

The Chris Dorner Story Won’t Die (nor should it!)

Let me save some of you the trouble of attacking me. On this blog, I have already been called a “nutjob” and some other nasty things for the three (3) articles I wrote about the Christopher Dorner story: (here, here, and here). Please…spare me the trouble of having to read (and delete) any more nasty things. I’ve since removed the negative comments directed at me from this blog because I determined them (as is my right) to be a distraction from my point of view but more importantly from the story itself.  Some of you readers need to understand that simply because I – or anyone – can empathize with another person and their situation does not necessarily imply any form of agreement with whatever methods the empathized decides to take to resolve their particular issues. 

The Dorner story is truly one that won’t die….NOR SHOULD IT! It is laced with suspicions and many unanswered questions. It is also laced with controversy and intrigue stemming from racism (yes, I said it!) to law enforcement/police mismanagement of Dorner, the case itself and murder. (Yes, officers of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) killed innocent people, too), to a unwillingness of the LAPD to use simple sense and ethics which could have prevented or stopped the needless bloodshed and saved lives, time and resources! Yes indeed, there are many suspicious things about the Dorner case. In fact, I still harbor doubts about the “final official” report(s) given by the LAPD on this case and about Dorner’s death. Check it: If you are a historically lying and untrustworthy entity (like the LAPD), why the hell should I – or anyone – ever trust or believe anything you say?

Frankly, I hope this story never dies until every question is answered to the FULLEST satisfaction of those of us who still empathize with Dorner’s situation! That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it!

Read what some of the suspicions are about the Dorner case at this website:

Keepin’ It…REAL!

The Christopher Dorner Story: What Do You REALLY Know? – Is This Closure?

Completing my series (and perhaps the chapter) on former Los Angeles Police Department officer Christopher Dorner comes this excellent article from my Facebook friend, Cleo Manago.  Manago gives a neatly packaged chronology and biological breakdown of Mr. Dorner’s life, career and struggles while employed with the Los Angeles Police Department. After reading Manago’s article, I felt it to be the perfect and appropriate closure to my own recent articles on this blog about Mr. Dorner, whose death I – and the rest of world – learned yesterday (Tuesday, February 12, 2013), was confirmed by law-enforcement officials.

Perhaps you’re wondering why I’ve posted Manago’s article here. The answer is simple: Like the Dorner’s manifesto, which I’ve been campaigning readers to read, this article is probably the only one I’m ever to going to see where Dorner’s history is so neatly laid out. And at the risk of sounding redundant, if readers of this blog had read Dorner’s manifesto as I’ve urged, then the reasons for my decision would not only seem obvious, it would be appreciated!

Christopher Dorner was a brother-in-arms (as we in the military like to say), since he and I both served in the United States Navy.  After having read Dorner’s manifesto last week, I had come to feel great empathy for the man and his cause – though I fully disagreed with his methods. I had a great concern for his safety, even though many had argued with me that Dorner himself showed no concern for the safety and lives of his victims. Again, I never said I condoned Dorner’s actions! I also had a concern and hope that Dorner would receive FAIR justice. Perhaps it is best that Dorner died when and how he did for truthfully, knowing how the American justice system works with regard to most Black men in this country. I had – and still have – my doubts that Dorner would have ever been treated safely and fairly or received fair justice.

Rest in peace, Christopher Dorner. While all of your troubles are over, I hope the reason for your desperate actions will bring to light the corruption and the wrongful practices and mistreatment of other good officers, not only those of color at the Los Angeles Police Department, but to good, honest police officers serving everywhere in America. If not, all the bloodshed would have been in vain and corruption will continue as before until another officer is driven to the brink of madness.

Now without further ado, here is the article, verbatim, by Cleo Manago!


Christopher Jordan Dorner: A Kindred Son
by Cleo Manago

On Tuesday, February 12, 2013, when Mr. Christopher Jordan Dorner died, it felt to me like I lost a kindred son. The beginning of our lives was very parallel. I was also once a bright-eyed child, with a big heart, naively navigating through society, never prepared for the cruel reality of the racism I would experience. I too – as a small adolescent – was once trapped in the hostile and bewildering circumstance of being one of very few Blacks in school, and randomly called “Nigga” frequently by White students. I too was disciplined after being fed up with the mistreatment, resulting in my trying to beat the hell out of a few classmates when teachers would not stop them from calling me names. And, like Christopher Jordan Dorner, ultimately, I could see past all of this to determine that humanity just had a few bad apples, and I would commit my life to making the world a better place – somehow. Mr. Christopher Jordan Dorner, too, was a visionary of this kind, a decent and thoughtful human-being who wanted to help protect American citizens and make the country he [naively] loved, a better place. Mr. Dorner was born in 1979 in New York, and grew up in Los Angeles. As an innocent youth of African descent in the 80s, like many Black children, Dorner was not emotionally and mentally prepared to deal with being the only one at Norwalk Christian School. There, he would be violated by Shay White kids who frequently called him a “Nigga.” The trauma of this introduction to blatant racism was exacerbated when he was disciplined for defending himself against name-calling and harassment from other students.

In 1997, when he began college, interested in building a different world, Mr. Dorner majored in political science with a minor in psychology (I too had the same major and minor as an undergrad). Despite the lack of societal integrity he had experienced just for being Black, he stayed true to his own nature. In 2002, he found a bag containing nearly $8,000 in cash. He and a classmate turned it in to the police. When asked what his motive was, Mr. Dorner said “it’s an integrity thing.” Dorner added, “If people are willing to give that to a church, it must be pretty important to them.” Dorner said his mother taught him honesty and integrity. Interestingly, Dorner was not a Christian, or a believer in organized religion.

Throughout most of his short life, Mr. Christopher Jordan Dorner aimed to be a good upstanding American. His social network was inclusive and multi-racial, White folks included. But, the agony of racism was never far from the surface of his soul. In 2002, Mr. Dorner began a career in the Naval Reserve. In February 2013, shortly before his death, he would be dishonorably discharged. In 2005 he joined the Los Angeles Police Department (L.A.P.D.), excelling quickly, completing academy training in 2006. This decision would later put his intolerance for corruption and dishonesty to the test. His integrity would wind up being a marker in what would actually seal his doom. (When I worked in Law enforcement in Los Angeles, I was well aware of the racist brutality and abuse frequently served up by White cops, and self-hating Black cops with something to prove to the White cops. I joined their ranks to see for myself how they operated, with the intention to possibly influence change. I hit an institutionally racist wall of activity that went even beyond my worst nightmares, and wound up resigning under very similar circumstances to Mr. Dorner. But I was not there as long as he was.) Two years after joining the L.A.P.D., on September 4, 2008, Mr. Christopher Jordan Dorner would be terminated for filing a report concerning the conduct of fellow police officer, Officer Teresa Evans, for excessive force. Dorner accused Evans of kicking suspect Christopher Gettler in the face while he was handcuffed and lying on the ground. An internal review board concluded that Dorner had falsified his report, despite the corroborating statements of the kicking victim and his father. As far as Mr. Dorner was concerned, his attempt at fulfilling his nature as a decent human-being was again being dismissed in the face of injustice. Likely, Mr. Dorner likely deduced that this was based on his race, his having a code of ethics not had by the historically racist and corrupt L.A.P.D., and his unwillingness to stay inside the “Blue line.” (The Blue line is an agreement between police not to expose each other’s wrong behavior). For Mr. Dorner, this likely felt the same as the punishments he unjustly received when defending himself from unjust racism as child, trapped in a White, unfair and hostile environment. Dorner’s termination from the L.A.P.D. led to him posting on his Facebook page a demand for a public admission by the L.A.P.D. that his firing was in retaliation for reporting excessive force.

He was full of integrity and hope, not interested in harming a soul, while willing to put in check individuals he saw as a menace to society. He attempted to fulfill his vision of being a professional police officer for the Los Angeles Police department.
Mr. Christopher Jordan Dorner, whose career and reputation had been compromised by his decency, this finally became too much for him to bear. His lifelong investment in doing the right thing, and having honor was not only not valued; he had been terminated for being concerned about the mistreatment of a handcuffed man with special needs who he witnessed being brutalized by a fellow officer. Severely disillusioned, at his wit’s end, and figuring his life and name was unfairly destroyed, Mr. Dorner wrote a multi-page manifesto, vowing to “get even” if his name wasn’t cleared. Finally, assuming that the response to his demand would be the same as it was to his filing the excessive force report on fellow police officer Teresa Evans, feeling persecuted for his nature, he began to exact revenge on police officers and their families, as listed in his manifesto. Mr. Dorner’s now frantic outrage resulted in a few innocent people dying from his gun (which I regret). Yet, what pushed him to the edge was that he was justified disenchantment, and a broken heart resulting from that he came from a country, career and community (Generally, Black children are not educated or prepared to deal with racism, attempts are made to assimilate instead), that deceived him.

During his rampage, allegedly, Mr. Dorner killed the daughter of former police captain Randy Quant, as well as her fiancée, and two police officers, one during a gunfight at the snow-covered San Bernardino mountain cabin where he would later die.
On February 12, 2013, while in Big Bear Lake, California, a predominantly White mountain community, Mr. Dorner tied up a middle-aged couple who had discovered him in a cabin located in the 1200 block of Club View Drive. It was snowing. He then left there in a stolen vehicle. The wife managed to get free and alerted the police. Soon after, now running on foot, Mr. Dorner would be cornered by San Bernardino County deputies in another empty cabin, where he attempted to take refuge. During a standoff of just a few hours, Mr. Dorner attempted to run out the back door, but was forced back in by gunshots. To finish him, deputies commenced to burning down the cabin with Dorner in it. Audio tape from the event recorded banter between deputies, only played once on CNN, which clearly has them saying, “Burn the Motherfucker Down.” Yet, at a press conference that followed, deputies would deny purposely burning down the cabin. They did purposely burn down the cabin! This public denial re-surfaces the corruption that helped lead to Mr. Dorner’s indignation.

On February 14, 2013, based on dental records during autopsy, it was announced that the body discovered in the cabin was indeed Mr. Dorner’s. On February 9, 2013, the L.A.P.D. had announced that it would reopen the disciplinary proceedings that led to Dorner’s firing. Which means nothing will be done in response to Dorner’s exposure of severe racism within the L.A.P.D. A number of Black men, including me, had previously prepared manifestos describing the brutal racism in L.A.’s “Law enforcement.” Ex L.A.P.D. cop, Brian Bentley has even written a book, documenting his harrowing racist experiences at L.A.P.D. But nothing changed. Not because it can’t. Black people must care about themselves and focus enough to demand change. Black people must realize that a rush to assimilation and upper-mobility is not the equivalent of exacting justice, liberation or human equity. And, Black guardians must educate their children about racism. Going to church, getting a so-called education and a job is not enough!

Mr. Christopher Jordan Dorner died at the age of 33, likely from a self-inflicted wound after the cabin was set on fire by vengeful deputies. Mr. Christopher Jordan Dorner was their worst nightmare, and had to be killed. He was an expertly trained marksman, who had excelled at his craft to implement “law enforcement” with lethal capacity. He had vowed to use these skills to protest racism and corruption by “getting even.”

On February 14, while a lily White canvass of Thursday morning quarterbacks, peppered with a few Black, self-conscious tokens, pundit away about Mr. Dorner, many of us understand the truth behind his fury, and understand. I do not condone the killing of [actually] innocent people, but I do condone every ounce of his heartbreak, disenchantment and anger.

Mr. Christopher Jordan Dorner is no longer in pain, and I hope to go to the funeral of my kindred son to celebrate his life.

Christopher Jordan Dorner (June 4, 1979 – February 12, 2013)


Thank you for sharing this, Cleo Manago! It’s always good to know there are people who are…

Keepin’ It….REAL!

***Links to my previous articles on Christopher Dorner:

The Christopher Dorner Story: What Do You REALLY Know? – A Follow-up!

As I predicted would happen, people at the office “water cooler”, in online chat rooms and of course on Facebook, are NOW asking the“why” questions regarding the actions of highly intelligent former LAPD officer/killer Christopher Dorner.  I shake my head.  You know it frustrates me whenever I hear people say they “don’t care what document Dorner wrote, it still doesn’t justify his actions.”  Again, I shake my head. Did you know that many of the people saying things like that actually consider themselves smart and informed?  Get the fuck outta here! Why won’t such “know-so-damn-much” people bother to take a mere ten to fifteen minutes of their time from spewing uninformed rhetoric to read and mentally digest Dorner’s manifesto? How can they give pretense to know the mindset of Mr. Dorner? Well, I’m calling those people PUSSIES! Yes, they are pussies;  afraid to learn something new, afraid to be informed and afraid perhaps, to learn something about some of the people in whom they blindly place their faith each and every day:  the police force –whether it be in Los Angeles or in their own town.  Let me give such pussies – and perhaps a few others, a little education!

Check it (1): Had more people actually READ AND MENTALLY DIGESTED Mein Kampf, the book written by highly intelligent Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and which combines elements of autobiography with an exposition of Hitler’s political ideology (a manifesto, by definition), perhaps there would not have ever been a World War II.  [S/N: Volume 1 of Mein Kampf was published in 1925 and Volume 2 in 1926. Go read it!] Exception to the WWII reference is made for the war America would have surely had with Japan, who for reasons unrelated to Germany’s, attacked our shores in 1941. Think of the thousands of people – from every country involved in that great and tragic war, whose lives would have been spared!

Check it (2): Had more people READ AND MENTALLY DIGESTED the manifestos of many of the crazed serial killers over the past century, such as the one from another highly intelligent person named Theodore John “Ted” Kaczynski, also known as the “Unabomber“, a man who is an American terrorist, mathematician, social critic, anarchist, and Neo-Luddite, perhaps many more lives would have been sparred – to say nothing of the law-enforcement time and resources used to track down and capture him. In his manifesto, Industrial Society and Its Future (also called the “Unabomber Manifesto“), Kaczynski argued that his “bombings were extreme but necessary to attract attention to the erosion of human freedom necessitated by modern technologies requiring large-scale organization.” [S/N: Kaczynski continues to serve a life sentence without parole, in a supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. And to the know-it-alls, here’s a news flash: Adolf Hitler has been dead for nearly 70 years!]

A killer’s manifesto is a public declaration of his (or her) mindset. It usually gives specific detail as to who the target(s) is/are, what the killer intends to do, sometimes how the killer intends to execute his actions towards achieving his focused goal and most importantly the WHY of such actions. Such documents, which are carefully written, then sent to law enforcement and/or posted on the Internet, should NOT be blown off and/or ignored by police or by the public! Think of what one could learn about the person who sets himself on such a murderous rampage!

Now, to the know-it-alls who won’t bother to read any manifesto, I have this to say:

  • First, READING Dorner’s manifesto will personally cost you a lot less in time and resources, than the time taken to watch one of those hour-long TV crime shows. I’m talking no more than 10 to 15 minutes (20 minutes tops, for you slower readers – no offense).
  • Second, think of the many questions to which you would already have the answers as result of just reading (or listening, if the manifesto is recorded). Think of how much more informed you would be the next time you hear a report on the news or in some social discussion.
  • Finally, if you go around preaching to others that “you don’t need to read or listen to anything a serial killer has to say”  or “just to know what he is thinking”, then you are only showing yourselves to be SCARED and FEARFUL of learning more about the person(s) involved or about the situation itself!  Having such a know-it-all, cavalier, self-righteous attitude makes you appear and sound more like a fool and perhaps appear more dangerous in society than the person(s) actually threatening and taking lives! You are dangerous as far as giving misinformation and trying to influence the minds of others with misinformation and to your way of uninformed thinking!  Just as many of you had to do in school and college, it is best to shut the fuck up already and actually DO the homework! Only then can you return to the group of other people who actually did their homework and who actually know and understand what it is they are talking about!

I’ve been preaching to people for days to read the UNCENSORED Dorner manifesto. One does not necessarily need to feel sympathy or empathy for the man; ONLY TO BE INFORMED as to the WHY of his actions. Upon reading the Dorner manifesto, one may eventually came to feel some empathy…which would be perfectly natural and which should have little to no impact of any innate convictions and beliefs regarding your perception of right and wrong. In other words, you can probably come to understand the “why” of a given situation even if you do not necessary agree with the “why” of it! It’s no different from one having some feeling or desire to do certain things to bring about a sense of right or justice when a wrong has been made. While many of us may not always act on such feelings, we sometimes share such feelings with others in the hope that someone would show or express a certain degree of sympathy or empathy. This is the basic intent of a manifesto, people!  I hope I’m making some sense here for I cannot make clearer (especially to stubborn minds) my plea to READ Dorner’s manifesto.  Click here to read my article written and published before Dorner’s suspected and (as of this writing) unconfirmed demise.  My article contains links to the UNCENSORED version of Dorner’s fascinating manifesto.

Speaking of Dorner’s yet-to-be-confirmed demise let me give this warning:  As of this writing, several news outlets had been reporting that “police retrieved a charred body believed to be that of Christopher Dorner”. You might hear or read the media use well-known CYA (cover your ass) terms, “appears to be” or “believed to be” in their reports.  Dorner may in fact be dead. However, until the coroner and forensic scientists CONFIRM that the charred body pulled from that now destroyed Big Bear, California cabin is in fact, Christopher Dorner, police cannot close this case or declare with absolute certainty that they actually “got him”! In fact, it usually takes a few days for such a confirmation (by checking known dental records, etc), depending on the condition of the body. I suggest everyone following this case simply stand the fuck by for the final and official report on whether that body is in fact, Christopher Dorner.

I’ve been seeing people carelessly say shit like, “they hate the police”. Please; stop saying that! Your ass won’t hate police the instant you need them to come to your aid or to resolve some dispute or crime in your home! Admittedly, some police officers can have – or do have/carry an intimidating demeanor.  But remember: many of those brave men and women in uniform are simply doing a job.  The job of  a police officer is such that (in some cases) unless you have served in the National Guard, the Reserves or a branchpolice_shadow_figures_sized one of the U.S. armed forces, probably could not be done very well, let alone appreciated!  A police officer’s job is not easy. From the officer giving a simple traffic citation or directing traffic to the officer faced with a decision whether to fire his weapon with the intent to wound or to kill the person(s) firing back. So again, shut the fuck up with all the childish talk! Saying you “hate cops” or “hate the police” is (to me) the same as saying you hate the soldier or veteran who is serving or has served (as I have) to protect the freedoms we enjoy  – and for which many take for granted in this country. While one is Police officer-1paramilitary (the police force) and the other is actually a full-force military (our armed forces) both are regimented entities which have people who volunteer to do a job, who follow orders and who place their very lives on the line each and every day. However, both entities are just as capable of having their unique levels of corruption.  Now, I realize people are emotional about the Dorner case but please everyone; try to keep in mind that anything that is organized can, does and will likely have a certain degree of corruption. It is the nature of things made by Man. Mixed in with such corruption is the real good guys and the real heroes!  Try doing as a child who plays with toy soldiers would do: DO NOT bunch the “good guys” in with the “bad guys”.  It’s that simple – especially it is obvious as to who the “bad guys” are! If it isn’t obvious then investigate (which of course, would mean doing some R E A D I N G)!

Now please, take time to read my blog article, The Christopher Dorner Story: What Do You REALLY Know? Click the title link to get my prospective on the Dorner situation.  In the article, click on any one of the FOUR links to access Dorner’s UNCENSORED manifesto and….GET INFORMED. Once you do that, I’ll be willing to talk with you about this story!

Keepin’ It…REAL!