When Someone Reaches Out (from the “Hardline” series)

PREFACE: Normally, I do not share excerpts from my Hardline series in a general blog post. I’d much prefer readers of this blog find my Hardline series pages under the Imprimus page [here] and, if interested, read the profound comments/statements/quips which I and others have said. However, in recent weeks I’ve been seeing certain comments on social forums like Facebook, reading postings on other blogs and in news reports of things which say to me that there are people reaching out for help; psychological and emotional help. This deeply concerns me, thus I was inspired to write this Hardline and share it here. Somebody out there needs this! Please heed the words and share this link. You could change or perhaps even save a life!
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When Someone Reaches Out –
Reality is a strange bedfellow; it does not ever leave or escape us. At the start of any new year, many people have certain hopes, expectations, concerns and even fears about things they want to see happen or change in their lives. The complex challenges or problems of life we had on the last day of the previous year did not instantly disappear at the start of the new year. Oh, if that were so!

Depressed man sitting-1Alcohol, drugs, sex, partying and other forms of revelry only helps us to forget such problems for a short time. We still carry the weight of our problems into the new year; some of it much too heavy to continue trying to carry alone. We find that we might need help and naturally want to reach out to share our burdens and concerns with someone else. Mind you however, the help offered by others is not always enough to give through mere text message exchanges, phone calls or the giving of kind, albeit meaningful comments of support on social forums like Facebook. One cannot feel the full spirit or essence of pain or anguish of another person through such means, no matter how many words are written or spoken.

Humans, by nature, are empathic creatures. Each of us has an innate need to have the physical presence of another person occupying the same room or area to feel comforted, liked, loved and/or and reassured as to who we are and what we are feeling. Depressed woman-2We’d much rather look into the eyes of another person whenever we feel the need to bare our soul – sharing our most intimate thoughts, feelings, and desires. We feel the need to read the body language of another person to see if what we are saying is being received with genuine concern and with the utmost sincerity of what human friendship and/or companionship is about. Often seeing a smile, feeling a touch or having a warm, firm physical embrace is all that is needed to help make us feel that our very existence is indeed worthwhile. It helps to know that someone else can understand, care and gives a damn about us and/or our given situation. Failing some of that, it is still helpful if the person to whom we are talking can relate to our particular circumstances in some way. It says to us, “You aren’t the only one; you aren’t alone.” It says to us that someone cares about what we Depressed man sitting-3may be thinking of ourselves and, in some instances, may help us do away with any ideas of pursuing some potentially dangerous course of action to alleviate the pain being felt.

Think about this when someone you know – be it friend or distant family member, has had or is having struggles with life and they ask you to come visit them – or if they ask if they can come visit you. Your response (or lack thereof) could make all the difference, not just in the life of that person but perhaps in yours, too!

(Retrieved from The Hardline According to RobFather-X (series) 2013 written/posted by GER-201301:08)

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