FUCKstration (defined)

I received a private Funnybook message this morning asking me to explain what “fuckstration” was. I had to laugh! I had used that word in a Funnybook status post last year….er… yesterday. I just made it up (since I LOVE the word “fuck” in all its connotations!).  Feel free to use “fuckstration” if you must! It was so easy to create that certainly somebody somewhere must have also come up with the word!
I’m sure everyone reading knows what frustration means but to be clear, here is Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary definition:

Frustration (noun)

  1. a deep chronic sense or state of insecurity and dissatisfaction arising from unresolved problems or unfulfilled needs.
  2. to balk or defeat in an endeavor or induce feelings of discouragement
  3. to aggravate or bother; to frustrate

Examples of frustration:

  • These bureaucratic delays have been causing us a lot of frustration.
  • These delays have proven to be a major frustration

Now, here’s my definition of “fuckstration”:
Fuckstration (noun)

  1. Same basic meaning as the word frustration but on a much deeper, heavier level!
  2. A sense of irritability, exasperation or suffering in some way from the action or inaction of others, to the point where one has good reason to punch the person(s) causing the fuckstration in the face.
  3. A feeling of being ignored, neglected or used without sufficient reward or reason;  i.e.“raked over the coals”, or “fucked over” (so to speak).
  4. A sense of neglected sexual gratification.  Horny. Libido overdrive.  To be “sexually fuckstrated or “sexually bankrupt”.
  5. To fuckstrate.

Examples of fuckstration:

  • It fuckstrates me to know that Congress will still get a paycheck in this fiscal crisis but unemployed job-seeking Americans won’t.
  • Last night’s New Years parties took care of a lot of sexually fuckstrated people.
  • The amount of homework the professor gives is causing me severe mental fuckstration!

When ‘frustration’ is too light weight a word to describe how you’re really feeling about a situation, try using ‘fuckstration’. You’ll feel a little better!

Expect to see me use it here more often!

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