It’s OFFICIAL: 5000 hits!!


This blog, Keepin’ It…Real! has today, December 26, 2012,  hit – and passed-the 5000th hit mark!!! Congratulations to me!

Thanks to you, the visitors and readers who visited this, my first blog, and  who took time to read (and sometimes comment on) that which is my mind, my unique sense of humor, my point of view on various issues and, in some cases, if you read carefully… my life!

A VERY SPECIAL thanks and brotherly hug to Corey Jarrell-Williams, blogger at I’ll Keep You Posted whose words, almost a year ago to me were: “You should have been bloggin’ yesterday!”  He also said, “Be yourself.” Thank you my brutha! Because of your encouragement and support, I have come to love and enjoy blogging (tedious as it sometimes is). I love you for that!

I started this blog in August 2012. It is still a work in progress. It is a labor of love for me! Writing is – and has been – therapeutic for me, too! Until I get the blog completely the way I want it, you may or may not notice occasional changes. Bear with me. Some things will remain as is while others will be a trial or experiment to see to see if I like the ideas formed in my head made into reality. I also have tons of drafted writings which I’ve yet to complete, review, edit and/or update before posting here. And I still have the major project of posting stories and pictures from my Navy career. I’m only five months behind my self-imposed schedule but… who’s counting!

In the year 2013,  you will begin to see postings here which will be drawn from a more deeply personal aspect of my life  and experiences. I’ve only hinted at some of that in5000 hits at my blog previous postings. If you read carefully, you would have found that on certain issues I chose to be a bit subtle for reasons known only to me and a select few. Now it’s time to throw off the satin sheet of comfort and turn up the heat, so to speak.  I warn you though; I sleep in the nude so once that sheet is off…. well, you get the idea!

Again, thanks for your support and readership. I appreciate it so very much. I look forward to the next 5000 hits! Let’s go!

Keepin’ It…REAL,

~ RobFather-X!

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