Superhero Icon Series: Luke Cage, Hero for Hire

This is Luke Cage, Hero for Hire aka Power Man!

I bought and – still own – the first comic book issue of this series.  Issue No. 1 premiered in June 1972!  In that year, I’d just turn 12 years old the month before and had been reading and collecting comic books for seven years. Wow. Today, seven years seems like such a short time!  Anyway, this comic cost me only two dimes which is nothing today but back in 1972, it was sometimes hard for a kid to earn money to buy comic books! I would come to own several more issues under this series tittle.

Luke Cage is one of the few Black male comic book characters I’d like to see a motion picture made for in the near future! Why? Because America’s young Black men need to see Black MALE superheroes on the big screen!  Actor Chad Coleman (from HBO’s series “The Wire“) comes to mind right now, along with a few others, who’d be damn good, if not perfect, to play the role of Cage!

I’ve absolutely nothing against White male superheroes. In fact, I admire and have collected many comics featuring such characters in my time! But over my lifetime, and being a Black person, I’ve always more easily identified with almost any Black male superhero more than I ever have with White superheroes from any of the comic book publishing groups. I want to see, and I do enjoy seeing characters that look more like me. It’s just the way things have been… and still are.

Keepin’ it….REAL!

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