Where Are Our Priorities?

President Obama speaking at Newtown CT memorial service (16DEC2012)“There is no racism in America.”
“American is a compassionate nation.”
REALLY? Yes and No. Check our domestic AND international history!
“Americans can lay aside bigotry and politics in the wake of a national tragedy.”
 REALLY? Again, it depends!
“Americans respects any U.S. president who takes charge in a national crisis or tragedy.”
 REALLY? There are still many Americans who certainly don’t respect THIS President…a BLACK man named Barack Obama!

Where the hell are our priorities if we can tweet (and most likely Facebook post) bigoted, racist slurs and disrespectful comments because some damn football game was preempted to cover a memorial of the loss of innocent lives – a loss that could have happened anywhere – and in fact, HAS happen in other parts of this country? Do we actually need another event like September 11, 2001 (aka 9/11) to bring the nation closer together?

Last evening (December 16, 2012), in Newton, Connecticut, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, addressed those attending the memorial service for the lives lost at the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre there last week. The NBC television network felt it necessary to preempt its San Francisco 49ers vs. New England Patriots football game to cover the memorial service. Viewers were advised accordingly.  But… as often is the stereotype, some football die-hards didn’t like it and not only expressed on Twitter their displeasure of the preemption but also their racist feelings about the President.  This mess was started by Bradley Patterson, a University of North Alabama Lions football player who first tweeted to a racist slur comment to NBC. Story here:

According to a tweet last night by UNA Athletic Director Mark Linder, Patterson is no longer on the team. The tweet was confirmed by a university official.  Unfortunately, the racist tweets didn’t end there. Others had to jump on this band wagon of hate and do the same! Read the story here.

Granted, perhaps for some the timing of the memorial service was awkward. So fuckin’ what! Most caring, sensitive people in America felt or could identify with the loss of life in Newtown, Conn. which had occurred a mere few days earlier.  I’m sure that in this case, they didn’t mind too much NBC’s preempting the game to cover the memorial service, if not also the leader of our country being there – center point – to express the heartfelt sentiments many of us felt to the families and friends who loss so much last week.  Certainly the families and friends who lost their loved ones in these places in the U.S. and who lost loved ones over the years in shootings not related to schools in particular could relate to the loss felt in Newtown, Conn. and probably didn’t mind the game preemption.  The Connecticut massacre incident last week was indeed a national tragedy! But…back to the tweets.

First, let’s remember one thing:  NBC preempted ONLY a football game!  A football game! Anyone who was that interested in the game could have followed the results on the internet or on Twitter. Perhaps had someone told that to Bradley Patterson he might still be a member of UNA’s football team!

Second, what the fuck is wrong with some people? I started reading the tweets in that story until I could stomach no more. The first several tweets following Patterson’s were laced with the racist slur “nigger” towards Barack Obama.  Later in this story followed other disrespectful and moronic comments from others who disliked the football game preemption by NBC.  As a Black man, I cannot help but doubt seriously that had a White man been standing at the memorial service during the preempting of some “valued” football game, there would have been little to no racist slurs tweeted; perhaps maybe comments against the person based on political views but not racist slurs. I say this because before Barack Obama, Blacks had always been used to seeing a White man as President on TV.  Some Blacks may have been upset that some favorite television show was preempted. Well, I’ve never said nor have I ever heard a Black person throw any racist slur against any president on TV who was White.

Finally, LET’S GET REAL: I’ve often heard people say that it is “always BLACK people who play or pull the “race card”. I say, many of those people are so very wrong with that statement!  All one has to do is look through American history on through to today and he or she will discover to their disbelief and likely ignorance that it is usually – if not almost ALWAYS – more White people (but thankfully and fairly, not all) who tend to play, pull and even throw the damn “race card” on the table first! For me to elaborate of the “race card” issue would require me writing an entirely different blog post. I’m not ready to go there just yet, but rest assure, at some point, I will!

In the meantime, some people need to get their priorities in order and just grow the fuck up!

Keepin It…REAL!

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