A Special Place in Hell?

*Another presentation in the KIR continuing series of articles of the Steppin’ On The Feet Jesus Washed (SOTFJW) Project-Mission!
It irks me when people speak about places to which they have never been. I’ve been to a good part of the world in my time and even I am not an expert on the places I’ve actually set foot upon. Too many people like to imagine that they’ve been to this place or that or they like to claim they’ve read (or worse, – dreamt) about what a certain place looks like and what is there.

When it comes to situations where certain cruel things or offenses have been committed against society, there are people who say “there is a special place in Hell”, “there is a special place reserved in Hell” or a “special level in Hell” or some variation of Hell for Person X who did “X” offense or crime.  Who are these people and why do they speak as if they are qualified experts of this place called Hell?

I’ve never once read anywhere in the Bible (which Man – not God, wrote!) that remotely mentions, suggests, or hints about there being special, separate, or segregated places for people who commit certain offenses against other people. Hell is supposed to be, well…Hell – if you believe in that sort of thing. Supposedly, Hell is this place where there is no respecter of persons.  In other words, if one is “destined” for Hell as his or her after-life eternity, whoever that person was on Earth, whatever public status was held, or whatever they did during their lifetime is totally irrelevant in Hell.

So, I’d like to know what makes anyone – living and walking this earth – an expert of what Hell has in terms of the “special places” and/or “levels” of which they speak.  I challenge the Hell “experts” to help me better understand this place called Hell to which they seem to know so damn much about.

In Greek and Roman mythology very few people actually went down to Hell – also known as Hades or the Land of the Dead – and returned to talk about it. In some christian dogma, supposedly only Jesus when down to Hell after his crucifixion.  I recall many years ago being taught that in the three-day period in which Jesus was “dead”, He supposedly went down to Hell or the Land of the Dead to preach and save the souls of those who were [unfairly] sent there before His arrival on Earth as Man’s Savior.  I didn’t believe that story then and I don’t remember reading anything like that in the Bible.  Furthermore, while Jesus did tell his disciples that He would die and rise again in three days, I don’t recall Him actually telling them where He – or rather His spirit, would be going (if anywhere), and exactly what He would be doing (if anything) for the three days His body would be dead.  As far as the Disciples and everyone else were concerned, Jesus was dead and buried in someone’s tomb they borrowed.  When Jesus “rose” from His state of… uh…, deadness, He said very little. The Bible records very little of what Jesus said or did after His resurrection.  The most significant thing I remember Jesus did after His resurrection was His ascension into Heaven.  This man Jesus came to be the Savior of the World but did not stick around long enough to completely solve or resolve the problems of Man. I always had a problem with that which I talk a bit about here.

Now to those experts on Hell or Hades, I have some questions. Please answer each clearly and truthfully because I want you to tell the rest of us about your adventures in Hell!

  • Explain this expert opinion you have about Hell. Surely, you must have been there. I’d also like to know how long you stayed. If you didn’t stay long, could it be you couldn’t stand the heat and had to leave? Sorry. Sick pun!
  • Did you get to meet the devil, Satan (aka Lucifer)? Wow! It must have been awesome to meet the Prince of Darkness himself!
  • Other than what your bible says, please, in your own words, describe the Devil.  Surely you know that Satan’s appearance, like that of Jesus, has been debated for centuries! Does Satan really have red skin or attire? Are there actually horns in his forehead? Hoofs on his feet? How about that spiked tail and three-prong scepter we always see depictions of? Or is Satan STILL as beautiful a creature as the biblical book of Ezekiel (28:12-18) (and a couple of others in the Bible) says he is?
  • Did Satan himself give you a tour of his home place or was that the job of one of his designated demons? And if you had such a tour, I’m a little curious as to why Satan allowed you to leave Hell and return to tell us about it. Seems to me he would be very concerned that your story would scare more people away from coming down to live with him! I’ll bet odds that you and Satan struck some sort of bargain! But wait! Of course! Bargaining sounds just like Satan’s modus operandi!
  • Did you find Hell to be as well-organized as you have been implying to the rest of us? For example, were you shown the various “special places” or “levels” set aside for all the murderers, rapists, thieves, liars, homosexuals, prostitutes, pornographers, adulterers, masturbators (yeah, us too! LOL!) sex perverts, drug addicts, abortionists, arsonists, drunken drivers, politicians, suicide people, killers of innocent people, racists, people who harm animals, people who beat women, enemies of Christ, atheists, people of color (for the racist readers of this blog) and others you might wish to judge and name? Perhaps your ideas of an organized Hell comes from Dante’s Inferno,  the name given to the fictional epic poem called Divine Comedy written by Italian poet Dante Alighieri (born Durante degli Alighieri) [1265-1321]. Divine Comedy (written between 1308 and 1321) describes Dante’s journey through Hell (Inferno), Purgatory, and Paradise.

    Click on picture to enlarge.

  • Were there sign posts to clearly identify each place in Hell? I would imagine that such an organized Hell would not want the wrong person thrown in with the wrong crowd of sinners. Satan may be many things but I’d imagine that like God (his creator), Satan has a reason for wanting to maintain some order in Hell …as it is in Heaven. Isn’t this what you experts on Hell would have us believe when you say there are “special places” in Hell? After all, we always hear that the devil is in the details, which just tells me that Satan would never allow Hell to become some major clusterfuck of people. He’s gotta keep ‘em all separated!
  • How big would you say Hell is? I’m a bit curious because the Earth is a small planet and Man has been around for thousands of years using every chance he had just to sin and piss off God.
  • Did you see any animals down in Hell, particularly this one German shepherd dog with a white diamond-shaped spot on his nose? That dog bit me in my early teens and I, in my youthful ignorance, condemn it to Hell. I just know there is “special place” for cruel and mean animals. Right?
  • Finally, were you able to see any of your friends and say “hello” or, at the very least, mock them for not believing in Hell in the first place? Did any of them ask you for a drop of water, as is written in the Bible? Curious minds want to know!

If you cannot answer these simple questions AND provide tangible evidence of your fabulous journey to Hell, then do us all a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP about it! And please: STOP saying shit about who is going to some “special place” set aside or reserved “just for them”. You have no fuckin’ idea as to what “after-life destinations” (if any) a person is going to or has been sent to! You also cannot provide any proof that anyone who has died actually went to Heaven or to Hell! You also cannot prove that either place even exists! And no, Hell expert; your “bible” is NOT proof enough to convince some of us!  Our skepticism doesn’t make us “lost”, “ignorant” or even “unsaved” souls. It makes us wise and wary of any possible bullshit such as your so-called concept of  “special places” or “special levels” in Hell which, you say, are set aside or has been so designated for certain offenses.

I suppose Hell experts come up with such a ridiculous idea about Hell in much the same way as they have about a system of “rewards in Heaven”; a system for those people who have done more “works for the Lord”, can “speak in tongues” quote bible scripture and can spew “praise the Lord” after everything they say better than anyone else.  Earthly society already has a social class system: people categorized on various degrees of “the haves and the have-nots”. To hear the rhetoric of “works and rewards” preached in most of the churches about the after-life, it seems that those “destined” to go to Heaven will go from one such social class system to another in Heaven.  And here I thought Heaven was such a perfect place! Boy, the christian religion sure had me fooled! But I’m digressing!

Like any place to which one travels, usually some pictures and/or tangible souvenirs are obtained as tokens of a visit to someplace. Otherwise, when a person takes such a trip, the rest of us has to take that person’s word that they actually went to where they said. Any nincompoop can write a damn book or a few scriptures paragraphs about a place to which they’ve never been!

If you want to convince me about what variations of Hell are in store for people, why don’t you actually take a trip there? Yes; I’m saying, GO to Hell!  It’s a pun but take that suggestion any way you want. When – or if – you come back, write and publish your findings – complete with all the evidence you feel is necessary to convince us you were actually there.  Otherwise, as I said earlier – and it bears repeating – shut the fuck up about Hell!  You know-it-all, judgmental muthafuckas make me sick!

Keepin’ It…REAL!

3 thoughts on “A Special Place in Hell?

  1. You have never Failed Me Yet! Thank You, RobFather. Ironic it began to hail outside, while i was reading. Fantastic. I now have something to say when i hear that phraseology, again, as well as something to think about when saying the Creed in church. Maybe, I might ask, why did that come about that Jesus was suppose to went to Hell for three days? I am the type of person that needs to know things, lol

  2. Me too you’re one of the reasons why I go on facebook so you can show/teach me on topics that need to be discuss

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