At Chrysler (Detroit), Fired for Bad Behavior – Yet Reinstated!

This is NOT right nor is it fair to other employees of Chrysler Group LLC (or any company – auto assembly or otherwise) who work hard and follow established company guidelines regarding the use the alcohol and/or drugs as an employee. The activity shown in this video is audacious, to say the least! None of the employees …not a single person – who was drinking alcohol and/or smoking marijuana or using some hallucinating drug substance, whether on the job, on break/lunch hour or on or off company premises, should have been allowed to return to work once they were terminated for violating company policy!

Chrysler Group LLC had an established policy governing the conduct of its employees. The employees who were suspended or terminated KNEW the policy yet chose to ignore it! That’s why they got rightfully fired. I don’t care how “good” an employee is or how well he or she might do their job; rules are fuckin’ rules! Part of any employee’s paid job is to OBEY THE RULES!  Choosing to ignore or violate company policy is the same as saying to company management:“Fuck you, Boss; I’m gonna do what I wanna do…and you’ll still pay me for it!”

Now of course, with some companies, what an employee chooses to do OFF the job – meaning, he/she HAS NO INTENTIONS TO RETURN TO WORK THAT DAY, is one thing. However, if an employee “clocks out” for a break or lunch hour and/or drives off company premises – and the company expects that employee to return to work (and he/she also has every intention to return to work) that person is still considered an active employee and an integral part of the work team for that day while working for the company. It should not matter if the employee is or is not paid for said breaks or lunch hour or even if the break/lunch hour was taken off company premises.

There are HUNDREDS of QUALIFIED and UNEMPLOYED people waiting, no…they are “chopping at the bit” to get hired, earn a good paycheck from a good employer and who are willing follow a few simple rules for about 8 to 12 hours worth of work a day. Those same people will be willing to control any personal recreational desires to drink alcohol and/or do drugs until they are completely done with the workday and are off company premises.  And again, those same people understand WHY such policies are set and WHY they must be obeyed, if for no other reason than to ensure SAFETY ON THE JOB for themselves and other co-workers! Since it is the business of Chrysler and such auto manufacturing companies to assemble automobiles, the rules about alcohol and drugs are also set to ensure that parts are made and assembled properly to ensure that the end product – that car or truck that WE drive is well-made, assembled and thoroughly tested for quality and safety before being sold to potential buyers…which happens to be….US.

The report says certain legal rights technicalities about the publicity given the firing of those employees (see video/report) was the reason why each was able to return to work.  I don’t get it!  Some court, fancy lawyers – and the union – would rather place the rights of some employee who chose to disobey company policy and safety policy over the safety of their co-workers and/or potential buyers of the vehicles they build?? What the fuck is wrong with this picture? I have to wonder why Chrysler did not spend their millions of dollars to fight the decision – AND the union on this one! If I were part of that board of directors I would have voted to do whatever was legally necessary to keep each arrogant former employee from ever returning to work at the company! This is yet another example of what is wrong with corporate America and some of the unions! I’m all for unions protecting the rights of employees but for them to turn a blind eye to what is obviously wrong is something I can’t support. In addition to companies firing its workers, not paying them enough, cancelling their benefits but still paying CEO’s extremely high salaries and bonuses, they are now willing to condone the bad behavior of some of their employees. They will give just enough of a fight in arbitration so they can “put the issue behind them”.  I suppose corporations like Chrysler (and a powerful union like the  UAW) don’t care that bad behavior of employees often threatens or directly endangers the safety and well-being of innocent people – both on and off the job and possibly countless others who may have nothing whatsoever to do with the company! No…it seems they would rather wait until later down the line, after all the dust of such cases have settled, for shit to go wrong or for somebody to get hurt or killed so that the question, “What the fuck?” could be asked. Then media damage control procedures can be implemented as companies, unions, lawyers and the judges who allowed things to escalate to such a degree in the first place seek to cover all their asses with lies and half-truths to the general public. It is a damn shame!

Thanks for wimping out on this one Chrysler Group LLC! You’re a big company with deep money pockets yet you say “your hands were tied” and you chose not to use all your power and cash to fight for what is right! You’ve certainly given me a reason not to buy your products! My safety and my life, and the safety and lives of my loved ones and potential passengers comes first before I will ever support an auto-making company who cares more about the rights of its bad and disrespectful employees than they do about the safety and lives of its customers!

Keepin’ It…REAL!

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