Your Year-Long Political Homework “Assignment” Is Due!

I have blogged about citizen apathy, voter participation, political campaign noise and even about the voting eligibility of ex-offenders here and made comments of the same on Funnybook. Here’s my final word on these subjects:

READERS: It is NOT so much about which political party and/or candidate(s) a person supports. It is more about being an American – that is, one who considers him or herself a true CITIZEN of this country, the United States of America; one who gives a damn about what happens here; and one who backs up his/her words or rhetoric with the power of the VOTE.

Too many people from ALL ethnic groups and gender in the history of this great country have sacrificed time and lives to ensure that the RIGHT TO VOTE remains alive and strong and with the PEOPLE in America just so that those in elected to power to govern or make laws do not run amok over the governed.  WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE THE ELECTORATE; WE ARE THE TRUE CHECKS AND BALANCES OF OUR GOVERNMENT!

I’ve been to countries where the right to vote and/or self-govern is greatly suppressed or is non-existent! Believe me: once you’ve enjoyed freedom all of your life, you never, ever want to live in a country where one’s freedom is defined and/or dictated. This statement is aimed at those apathetic citizens who don’t believe in participating in the political/electoral process of this country and who would attempt to influence others to follow their twisted line of thinking. Forget what the apathetic citizens have to say or what their reasons are.  It’s their choice not to exercise their constitutional right to vote. Respect that of them and move on. Everyone else: think and decide for yourself, especially those of you who are eligible to vote and who will be voting for the first time!

Everyone should have done their political “homework” by now. Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6, 2012,you get to present the results of your year-long research and decisions in the voting booth. Get up, get out the house or off the job and GO VOTE for your candidates…AND the proposals/referendums of YOUR choice!

Keepin’ It…REAL!

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