America’s First Ladies

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann seems to struggle hard to make a connection with those people who don’t favor her or her husband. More than likely, the Romney campaign handlers pressure Ann to get her face and voice out there because of some traditional public perception that many people tend to look more favorably on any married candidate running for office, provided said candidate’s SPOUSE (not a lover or mistress) does and/or say things that shows unity with the candidate and demonstrates a connection with the voters. Just the same, it’s still up to us, as voters, to discern truth from bullshit from both the candidate and his/her spouse, regardless who the candidate is or who his/her spouse happens to be.

For the record, I have nothing particularly bad to say about Ann Romney because she isn’t running for office. It’s therefore very easy for me to ignore her. But none of us can ignore the fact that as Mitt’s wife, it’s logical to assume that she has considerable influence over him. Anyway, since Ann Romney has been in the news during this hectic election season, I thought I’d give some props to those women who came before her in terms of having struggled through the campaigns of their husbands and who eventually became First Ladies in their own right; women I’ve come to admire and favor over the years.

There are First Ladies who kept it real by their actions, deeds, and words – both on their husband’s campaign trail and while in the White House. I felt each person had developed a legitimate connection with the public and with me. Conducting themselves with a sense of class, each of these fine women fiercely protected their husbands and families through the stress of scandal, bad press, and negative public opinion. Each woman rolled with the bullshit from all sides about their looks, style, and personal attitudes about certain things they said or did and somehow, still managed to deal with all the rude impositions into their semi-private – yet still very human – lives.

Shown in order of personal precedence, these particular women serve/served as First Lady and are those whom I’ve come to admire in my lifetime and who will always get my respect:

Since the presidency of George Washington, I’m well aware of the many First Ladies who were the true supportive backbone of their president husbands. Looking to the future, there will come a time, perhaps in my lifetime, when America will elect a married woman, or perhaps even a married gay man or woman, as its president. In either possible instance, I would hope that the spouse of that particular president conducts him or herself as classy as their predecessors.

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