A Message to My Haters

Certain people have been testing my patience of late. However, in the storm of this seemingly on-going “climate” (for lack of a better word), I shall maintain my kool… until such time I determine when it is necessary to take righteous, defensive action. These particular persons expect me to go the “nigger route” and do or say certain things against them without me first giving considerable thought to the repercussions of any action(s) I might take. Let me be clear and direct as I speak to my haters at a level which I believe they can understand.

Hey, muthafuckas!
I suspect, in your own cowardly ways, under the cover of shadows, and through the slave-like use of mindless minions, that you monitor my activities, my words, and perhaps even my personal life. You are a sneaky lot; afraid to face and address ME as an adult and as a MAN. I call you PUNK; I call you PUSSY! Whenever you DO get up the nerve to actually face me, your knees shake uncontrollably; your hands and fingers tremble. I can practically hear your heart race and pound to the point of near bursting through your chests. I notice the little squeak in your voice on certain words. I see the beads of sweat covering your brow. I marvel at it all as I watch your body betray the facade of bravery and self-control you are trying to maintain as I, a 5’11, 225lb, well-built, brown-complexion Black man stands confidently in front of you. You cannot understand how it is that I could actually listen to your shit and STILL maintain my prose, my koolness!  My guess is that you secretly wish I would just knock you the fuck out just so your body would stop shaking, giving away the evidence of your…FEAR. I cannot be held responsible for your personal fears of me. I have never, nor will I ever, except in self-defense, lift a hand against you. However, your fear of me IS a weapon; one which you have freely given over to me to use against you. You fool.

Yes muthafuckas, I am BLACK and very PROUD of it! I am also INTELLIGENT, with a superb command of that intelligence. I also have an excellent command of WORDS – both orally AND written; better perhaps than most of you, my “beloved” haters. I may not hold certain levels of college “degrees” but I make up for that in ways which cannot be taught in ANY college, university or other institution of higher learning. I do not now, nor can I ever expect any of you to comprehend, in the smallest iota of your fucked-up brains, what that means. You haters like to act as if you KNOW me, that you know WHO I am and WHAT I’m all about. Granted, you know my name, where I work, and certain other commonly known tidbits that, in the grand scheme that is MY life, are really insignificant. Here’s a news flash: YOU KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the REAL me or my life! You need to STOP PRETENDING as much – both to yourselves and to others. You are only showing yourselves to be idiots.

I am ONE OF MANY BLACK MEN who was raised to conduct himself with CLASS, STYLE, DIGNITY, HONESTY, CONFIDENCE, and SELF-RESPECT. I’ve lived by this code of conduct all my life. Haters like you need to stop thinking and plotting to take any of that away from me; I’m simply not going to allow it! I live by the phrase “death before dishonor”, which means frankly, that NO ONE, not you haters or the ones whose asses you often kiss, will ever get me to bow down and kiss ass. I would rather die before dishonoring myself to such a degree of disgrace! You haters are an evil, bunch; envious of who and what I am, what I have accomplished in my life, and of what I am trying to become. Instead of using your skills and knowledge to work with, support and help me (and others like me) become a better person, you’d rather tear me down because you cannot stand to see, let alone tolerate, a Black man wanting, working, and earning his way to get and enjoy the benefits of the “golden ring” in life.

I loathe your hateful, racist, bigoted, and self-righteous characteristics and your vain attempts to break me. Yet, I do not hate you. In fact, I pity each of you, because, for no valid reason, which I will never understand, you will be always be envious of me; you will always be afraid of, or threatened by, me; and you will always continue to fall short of ever becoming the good, decent and honorable person that I am. I draw inspiration and strength, not discouragement or weakness from haters like you. I shall keep fighting the good fight and always stand against you until my last breath. So… to all my haters, I say… FUCK YOU!
Keepin’ It…REAL!

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