Reports Indicate Black Men Continue to Rate High in HIV Infection

Either something is wrong with the REPORTED numbers that state that BLACK MEN are the HIGHEST in HIV infection OR whomever is taking the tally, seems to ignore the fact that White men (and women!) and the men (and women!) in OTHER ethnic groups are – and have been – doing a lot of things –both sexually and drug-related – which places them at risk for HIV and AIDS infection, too!

Think about it: reports say that Black men are LESS LIKELY to have unprotected anal sex. Reports also say that Black men are TWICE as LIKELY to USE CONDOMS. So why is the HIV rate among Black men still high? Here’s my guess: Factually, just as there are people from all ethnic groups who exchange needles, etc for certain drug use, there is also lot of INTERRACIAL sex going on, too! (Yes, I said INTER-RACIAL. Look it up if you don’t know what that means.) Therefore, I would think that if the reported numbers about all the infected Black men are so accurate, then SURELY (at least in MY mind) many MORE men…white, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, etc…. (and many of their women) would also be greatly infected by all this very high number of infected Black men!

Now, for safety’s sake, I would never try to dispute such reports (not yet), for I would want people, especially Black people since THAT group is the one such report focuses upon, to take notice of what is going on: not to scare them, but to bring about AWARENESS! Also, while I have no means to factually dispute such disturbing reports, it seems to me (as it probably would to others), that according to these reports, IT WOULD BE DANGEROUSLY RISKY for ANYONE to EVER have sex with a BLACK man! If this “senseless” yet somewhat “logical” thought casually crossed MY mind (again, if one were to FULLY digest such reports as is) then SURELY it would cross the minds of OTHER men and women! It seems to me that such thinking COULD possibly add fuel to the negative stereotypes many people (including OUR OWN), be them straight, bi, or gay, already have of…the BLACK man! The possibility that someone might be afraid to have sex with me (protected or otherwise) based on the assumption of this report and, of course the HIV epidemic, is a possibility that would scare me as a BLACK MAN!

I would NEVER say that one should EVER engage in RANDOM sex WITHOUT the use of a condom, WITHOUT practicing safe sex techniques, and WITHOUT knowing the HIV status of that sex partner. I would NEVER dispute that Black men are high in numbers in HIV infection. I’m merely saying that the logic to me isn’t there, knowing what I know about …SEX. And knowing what I know about: Drug use; Economics; Sex Education; The UNWILLINGNESS of MANY SEXUALLY ACTIVE PEOPLE to GET TESTED-REGULARLY; and lastly, what I know about… FEAR!! Get my drift? All of this – and more – is involved for why many people in general, not on a selectively ETHNIC basis, are STILL getting infected and STILL infecting OTHERS from ALL ethnic groups with HIV.

Let’s be SEXUALLY safe –YES! But let’s also THINK about the many reports we read that seem to concentrate ONLY on BLACK people or on one particular ethnic group versus another. Remember, such reports about HIV infection seem to come from REPORTED numbers. There are still a lot of people FROM ALL ETHNICITIES who DON’T go to the doctor when they are beginning to suffer the effects of a STD or STI, and even those who do make doctor visits, it is still a human being who writes up the reports and submits the information. Mistakes can be made in such reports; numbers can be inflated. I’m just saying that it happens!

Sex with ALL ethnic groups is risky! You just have to be careful— and then be brave and humanly considerate to get regularly tested for STD, STI, and of course, HIV. That is all.
Keepin’ It...Real!

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