Karma (Part 1)

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the meaning of this statement but on the surface as written, I can’t subscribe to it and here’s why.

My nature, my personal moral code, being what it is, won’t allow me to “just sit back and wait” (as this picture suggests) for karma to take its course on those who have wronged or hurt me. For me to do such would imply that I would be willing to wallow in the wrong/hurt that was done and that I would be willing to always keep such incidents foremost in my mind, and that I would hope (or expect) something equally bad or worse to happen to those who’ve hurt me. Now, I’m only talking about those people who have done such things to me KNOWINGLY and INTENTIONALLY. By God’s grace, it is enough for me that I’ve learned the truth about such people and how they truly feel towards me.

If life has taught me anything up to this point, considering all the wrong and hurt I’ve endured, suffered through and STILL SURVIVED, it is that NO GOOD will ever come to ME by waiting, wishing, hoping or even praying for the ill fortune (or, as my son likes to say, the comeuppance) to happen to others. And I absolutely have NO DESIRE to be around to “watch” karma in action in that sense.

Life has also taught me that in spite of any hurt afflicted upon me by others, I am to do all I can to CONTINUE TO MOVE ON with my life and, if possible, have less to nothing at all to do with those persons who have inflicted such hurt or who may wish to hurt me again, and to ask my Creator to help me, as hard as it is and as time goes on in my life, to… forgive. I know that I will always be the better man … and the better person for it!
Keepin’ It…REAL!

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