It’s been both said and written that “pride cometh before the fall”.
The actual phrase, which comes from Proverbs 16:18, is: “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall”.
Obviously over time, this proverb was shortened by many people.  Either way, while this proverb may be true in some instances, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with pride or with being proud (in the right circumstance). For example, I’m proud of my accomplishments. I’m proud that I’ve gotten as far as I have – on my own, with the set-up and design of this new blogging project. I’m especially proud of my son and of his accomplishments!

Pride is a perfectly natural, selfish feeling of just, well… feeling good about something we’ve done or have worked hard to become in our lives or what others have done! We have all been proud. About the only time pride or being proud is bad, is when we boast/brag about our achievements and/or things we have and rub all that in the faces of others who have less or have difficulty in obtaining much of the same. I have to wonder if  “bad pride”, is what King Solomon (the author of Proverbs) had in mind or had been experiencing at the time he wrote this famous proverb about pride.

The multi-award winning music band, Earth, Wind, & Fire, wrote a song that places a more positive view on PRIDE. The song is featured on their 1980 album, Faces.

Check out the lyrics!
(Composers: Philip Bailey, Larry Dunn, Al McKay, Freddie White, Maurice White, and Verdine White):

Mighty men have come and gone
But the pride lingers on
Heritage will claim every man
With desire to make a stand
Some say pride’s for the strong
What’s the use, holding on?
We say pride’s everyone who
Wants to come to touch the sun

Why you pout?
Is your world in doubt?
It’s all about
Life won’t let you out of the scheme

Just believe in your dreams
Pressing on self-esteem
Now participate,
Turn to love to motivate
Energies to say,
Brighter you, brighter day

Set your mind in view
Of the real man in you
Heed the call to all
Standing tall, not to fall
Time to check it out
Pride relieves all your doubt
We say pride’s everyone who
Wants to come to touch the sun

(Why do you doubt?
It’s all about
Life won’t let you out of the scheme)

Thanks, Earth, Wind & Fire! One of the reasons you’ve always been my favorite band of all time is because you guys are…
Keeping it…REAL!

Karma (Part 1)

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the meaning of this statement but on the surface as written, I can’t subscribe to it and here’s why.

My nature, my personal moral code, being what it is, won’t allow me to “just sit back and wait” (as this picture suggests) for karma to take its course on those who have wronged or hurt me. For me to do such would imply that I would be willing to wallow in the wrong/hurt that was done and that I would be willing to always keep such incidents foremost in my mind, and that I would hope (or expect) something equally bad or worse to happen to those who’ve hurt me. Now, I’m only talking about those people who have done such things to me KNOWINGLY and INTENTIONALLY. By God’s grace, it is enough for me that I’ve learned the truth about such people and how they truly feel towards me.

If life has taught me anything up to this point, considering all the wrong and hurt I’ve endured, suffered through and STILL SURVIVED, it is that NO GOOD will ever come to ME by waiting, wishing, hoping or even praying for the ill fortune (or, as my son likes to say, the comeuppance) to happen to others. And I absolutely have NO DESIRE to be around to “watch” karma in action in that sense.

Life has also taught me that in spite of any hurt afflicted upon me by others, I am to do all I can to CONTINUE TO MOVE ON with my life and, if possible, have less to nothing at all to do with those persons who have inflicted such hurt or who may wish to hurt me again, and to ask my Creator to help me, as hard as it is and as time goes on in my life, to… forgive. I know that I will always be the better man … and the better person for it!
Keepin’ It…REAL!

Why Radio Personalities and DJ’s Won’t Play YOUR Song

Interesting. Since posting this picture on Facebook a while back, I’ve received a few public and private message comments. So, for everyone here NOT working in radio or doing a DJ gig, let me shed a little light on our jobs as radio personalities and/or DJ (and yes; some of us do both).
I’ll sub-title this post: PUBLIC ENTERTAINMENT 102.

For the record people, as a radio jock and “sometime” public DJ, I do my “rejections” of music requests with A LOT MORE CLASS than that pictured here! I’m sure my colleagues do likewise! I simply thought this picture was funny because, although I – and many of my colleagues are professionals, each of us has to admit to FEELING this way sometimes! Believe me, I often have the SAME listeners calling nearly every week asking for the SAME song(s) or asking for some song which I know WON’T work for the program I’m running, the audience I’m playing to/for, or which I know is simply no good! People like this tend to get annoying!  They seem to think that the radio station and/or the DJ’s booth are strictly for THEIR PERSONAL listening enjoyment! A few will actually get angry if “their song” isn’t played! Every radio personality and DJ experiences people like this all the time!  We try to be professional in such cases but there are always going to be those select few who test our patience. This is ONE of the reasons why radio stations have locked doors and many DJ booths are either raised high off the main floor or are positioned in a corner of a room, or perhaps barricaded away from the dancers/audience.

LISTEN: we (DJ’s, radio personalities) are NOT anti-social, egotistical, or anything of the sort!  We often don’t mind visitors coming to check us out and POLITELY requesting a song or making song suggestions. In fact, most of us ENCOURAGE this and will TRY to entertain such requests!  Bear in mind however, radio personalities and DJ’s get MANY song requests! Yet, WE ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING SOMETHING ABOUT THE SONG; i.e. whether or not it is appropriate and/or IF it will flow the way we need for it to for EVERYONE’S benefit. It’s simply our job, people; a job that LOOKS easy enough but one in which NOT EVERYONE can do it… efficiently! Heck, sometimes selecting /playing music and entertaining audiences is a “hit and miss” with us jocks, too! Often, while you’re talking to us (and we try to listen and be pleasant as possible with you), our minds are already thinking and planning the NEXT song or songs to play (if such is not already queued up to go), the announcements that have to be made, among other things, and do all that as our EARS listen and EYES watch the audience, gauging THEIR reaction.
Hopefully this little explanation helps everyone appreciate our jobs just a bit more and why we in this business can relate to the DJ pictured doing what he’s doing.
Keepin’ it…REAL!