In Memoriam: USS COLE (DDG-67)

USS COLE (DDG-67) attacked October 12, 2000It was fifteen years ago today – on October 12, 2000, some eleven months before the tragedy of September 11, 2001, that the U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer warship, USS COLE (DDG-67) was attacked by Al-Qaeda forces which bombed her while she was refueling in Aden, Yemen. Seventeen of her crew would be killed and 39 more would be seriously injured in what was the deadliest attack against a United States naval vessel since the USS STARK (FFG-31) incident in 1987.USS COLE (DDG-67) attacked October 12, 2000 (3)USS COLE (DDG-67) deceased crewAs a Navy veteran, as a patriot and as an American, I remember the brave men and women of the USS Cole’s crew. I make this post in honor of those who served aboard her – with special honor and memory to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while in service to country.

Continue to rest in peace, shipmates.

– G E ‘Rob’ Robinson, Sr., USN (Ret)

Story link: Navy Times

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‘National Coming Out Day’ Message

NCOD_Should never need this day (Robz Edit)Today, October 11, many of us observe the annual National Coming Out Day (NCOD). Here’s a happy National Coming Out Day to everyone who revealed, plan to reveal or intend to soon reveal their non-heterosexual orientation (aka “coming out”) to people in their lives. It’s always been my hope that one day the world will never need to have or observe such a day for non-heterosexual people; that all people will simply be respected for being who their are and [to borrow and modify a phrase from the late civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.] that people will be judged by the content of their character and never, ever by their ethnicity or their sexual orientation.

Each year that National Coming Out Day is observed, I remind people who are not “out” with their sexuality [to family members, friends and acquaintances] that they are never under any obligation to reveal their sexual orientation (aka “come out”) on this particular day nor make some major announcement to that affect. I think a person should only reveal his/her non-heterosexuality to those whom he/she knows, can trust, can feel safe with and safe being around. I advise all to follow their instinct when making such an important decision. Each person must carefully consider the pros and cons which such a revelation might have on his/her life and particular livelihood. This especially applies to young teens or young adults who still live at home with parents or guardians who are non-supportive/non-accepting of LGBT people, especially if those parents or guardians provide housing and/or financial support. Do not base a decision to “come out” on what you heard or learned happened to someone else when that person “came out”. There are many good ‘coming out’ stories but are also many bad ‘coming out’ stories! You can watch and listen to a number of them on YouTube. I further advise to never let any person, organization, social media network (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, et al) or public message (and that includes any LGBT organization public message) try to guilt, push or pull you out of “the closet”. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your sexual orientation a secret or made known only to a few selected persons if you so choose. You have your reasons for doing that; just make sure they are good reasons.

Happy-National-Coming-Out-Day-2I can’t argue that in many instances it’s sometimes better (often for many reasons), if people know your sexuality orientation. Sadly though, that is the world we live in because for various reasons, some people just like knowing something sexual about someone else. Being out with your non-heterosexuality means never having to live in misery or shame. It means never having to sneak around and/or hide what you say or do or with whom. It means never having to explain where you go (or came from), who you date or with whom you simply hang around. It means you’re much freer to be the ‘you’ that you were always meant to be. You’ll find that some people won’t give a fuck about your sexuality (a good thing) while others will do all they can to try to change you or to convince you of how “immoral” you are and how “sinful” and/or “disgusting” your life is if it is anything but heterosexual (a bad thing).

Depending on where you live and where you work, public knowledge of your non-heterosexual orientation to certain people or to everyone at your place of employment may affect your job position and/or overall employment with that company. That’s why I warned earlier to be discreet and take care to whom you reveal your sexual orientation. People at your place of employment do not need to know nor do they have to know such personal information about you. No one at the job has a right to ask you about it. Logically, one’s sexual orientation should have no impact on one’s occupation…unless of course, that occupation is working as an actor or producer in the porn industry. Unfortunately, there are people who feel otherwise. Yes, the haters of non-heterosexual conformity are still out there, folks. Live your life, live in your truth but use good judgment. Be with and around people who make you happy. Trust, discretion and use of positive logic and good sense in what you tell/reveal to people are important where this is concerned.
TRUTH & LGBTFinally, contrary to what some people say, one can indeed be “out” sexually and still live a happy and sexually discreet life. I do it as a bisexual man and am still doing it. I’m living in my truth on a discreet level for reasons which are my own. Lots of people are doing the same thing because frankly, there’s never any need or purpose to wear one’s sexual orientation as a sticky label or neon sign on the forehead or arm. There’s a huge difference in one being “in the closet” and one being sexually discreet.
NOH8 (2)
Anyway…you’ll know when it’s time for you to tell certain people in your life – without any shame or with much hesitation that you’re not heterosexual or straight; that you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, “sexually fluid” or perhaps wish to transgender to satisfy your life-long desire to become and to live your life as a man or woman.

Be you, baby! Happy National Coming Out Day.

(Click here to read my previous article on NCOD.)

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Have Faith in Thyself

Have Faith in Thyself (large))’Nuff said. The words in this photo encourages me; perhaps they will encourage someone else.

CHECK IT: You don’t need to have faith in any so-called omnipotent god, savior/messiah/Christ or demon; nor in any family, friend, lover or life partner; only in yourself. Always first believe in and have faith in yourself because in reality, in the long run, when all else and people fail (and people can and do fail you at some point), you are all you’ve got, baby! Always take care of you first so that perhaps – and only if you so choose, you’ll be in a better position to take care of and/or help someone else.

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Sexy Lenny Kravitz Keeps It Moving!

I get off work late last evening, check Facebook and find all kinds of posts and comments about one of my favorite rock stars, Lenny Kravitz having “suffered” a “wardrobe malfunction”. *sigh* Poor choice of words used by those reporting the story. I fail to see what the big deal is over that simple clothing accident which happened in Stockholm, Sweden where the 51 year-old music recording artist, producer and actor was performing. Stranger things have happened by and to many other music stars at public concerts, you know.

So what happened?
Lenny’s tight leather pants split open in the inner thigh/groin area when he squatted during a performance move on stage. When that happened, Lenny’s dick and balls simply obeyed gravity. It’s what happens when a man’s junk isn’t supported by wearing a jock strap or some other genital support item such as underwear briefs or boxers. Yet being the professional that he is and Lenny Kravtiz_nude cock ringalways has been, Lenny kept it moving in completing that music set…right on up to his show break which allowed him to change trousers. Now the public has been made aware (and it has been confirmed for many of Kravitz’s fans who wanted to know) that Lenny Kravitz ‘freeballs’ or likes to go commando – which simply means, the man doesn’t wear underwear – at least not with certain trousers, if at all. To this I say: So whatSteve Tyler tweet Lenny Kravitz (penisgate-04AUG2015)Lenny Kravitz is no different from hundreds, if not thousands of other men – including me, or from any number of other male performers (like Steven Tyler of the rock band Aerosmith) who sometimes or perhaps all the time, prefer not to wear underwear. I know of nothing which says a male must wear underwear beneath his trousers. In fact, I fully support any dude who knows how – and when to freeball/go commando. Yes reader; there’s an art to a dude freeballing/going commando. It’s a subject I’ve been meaning to blog about for years simply because factually, not every teenage boy or adult male can successfully pull it off at first, second or third try. But I digress.

About that cock ring:
People who watched the uncensored version of the video
clip seemed fascinated over Lenny Kravitz having a cock ring. They should face the fact that jewelry on one’s genitals isn’t a big deal (though it may be to people who are prudes or who have little to no appreciation of body art, like tattoos and body piercings). It isn’t anyone’s fuckin’ business whether Lenny Kravitz – or any other man for that matter, wears or doesn’t wear jewelry on his genitals. First and foremost, Lenny Kravitz is male and is supposed to come equipped with a penis and testicles. Duh! Second, Lenny is an adult individual; one free to adorn his groin area – which would include his penis and/or balls or scrotum sack with jewelry if he wants to do that. No one should give a fuck about it. It’s not as if Lenny’s whole genital package is coming home to any of us to inspect, wash, care for or give pleasure!

Lenny Kravitz's pierced groin (1998 photo by Mark Seliger)I’ll clear up another piece of confusion. Long floating around on the Internet is this [hot] seventeen year-old photo of Lenny Kravitz wearing a cock ring. The photo was taken in 1998 by photographer Mark Seliger. In the photo, one can see that the piercing does not appear to be directly on or along the penis shaft. It’s the same cock ring shown above in Lenny’s concert photo. This is not a Prince Albert or PA genital piercing as I’ve seen a few on Facebook mistakenly say. A Prince Albert (PA), one of the more common (and controversial) male genital piercings, is a ring-style piercing that extends along the underside of the glans of the penis – from the urethral opening to where the glans meets the shaft – more accurately on the head or “helmet” of the penis. Click “Prince Albert genital piercing” for a NSFW photo description. As far as anyone knows (and can see in the circulated uncensored version of the concert video), Lenny’s dick head is not pierced. The cock ring Lenny wears is actually a pubic mound piercing – located right above if not partially on the penis shaft. (See concert photo) It’s a piercing which Lenny Kravitz has had for at least a few decades. It should be noted that Lenny Kravitz – who has many other body piercings, has never shied away from talking about that particular pierced area. Mark Seliger’s 1998 photo of Lenny has been on the web for years. In an interview in 2004, Lenny said: “I’ve never taken it [the cock ring] out”. “It’s a hoop about the size of a quarter. It hits the lady where she likes it and, because it swings, it can be effective in any position.” Now you know.

A final word:

When it comes to celebrities, I don’t understand why some people behave or act as if they’ve never before seen genitals such as a flaccid penis – or in Lenny’s case, a flaccid Black man’s penis. I think back to a similar situation back in February 2004 after Super Bowl XXXVIII (38) aired. During that game’s halftime break, music recording artist Janet Jackson‘s breast, adorned with a nipple shield, was exposed by fellow recording artist Justin Timberlake for about half a second during their on stage duet performance. Shortly after, the incident (often referred to as ‘nipplegate’) and other accidental (?) exposure of one’s private parts, would be forever referred to as a “wardrobe malfunction“. That’s why the term was used all over the media when Lenny’s genital junk was exposed (which some have been calling ‘penisgate‘) – also for about a second or less, in his concert. I think it’s a bit pathetic when people get prudish, offended, disturbed and/or lustfully stupid over and about the dumbest things whenever there’s an exposure of natural human body parts of any person.

Everyone needs to get a mature grip. A celebrity’s genitals, breasts, buttocks or Lenny Kravtiz_nude (1)some other hidden human body part is no different – by general human design – from any non-celebrity person. I guess it’ll be several days before social media calms the fuck down and stop sensationalizing this… “story” and related video and photos about Lenny Kravitz’s dick.
Let’s move on.

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